Christine Anne Kiefer-Hellmund



Christine Anne Kiefer-Hellmund

We do not know the details of what happened. But it has been reported to us that today we lost Christine. Many of us knew and worked with Christine on Lyme awareness projects. She was a huge support to many Lyme friends. She ran  Deutsche Lyme Borreliose Hilfe and

We do know that Christine had children she loved, including a young toddler. Family she loved and many friends. She will be missed greatly and one day we will unite with her. Out of pain, in our new bodies. ♥

Die Beisetzung findet am Samstag, den 18. Juni um 14:30 Uhr in Beckingen-Haustadt in der Kirche Sankt Mauritius statt.

The funeral takes place on Saturday , 18 June at 14:30 in Beckingen – Haustadt in Sankt Mauritius.

If you have any information on her funeral or want to share memories of Christine, or just want to share your condolences please post them in the comments below.

Please Join her Facebook Online Memorial Page Here.







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18 thoughts on “Christine Anne Kiefer-Hellmund”

  1. Tini the Queenie was a dear heart and loved life. She lit up the sky!
    A dear friend to me and our friends for a long time, the news of her death was beyond heartbreaking and unbelievable.
    I miss her, I loved here – we all did and still do. I think of her boys often. I cannot imagine them without their beloved mommy. She adored them so.
    May she Rest In Peace.

  2. Die Beisetzung findet am Samstag, den 18. Juni um 14:30 Uhr in Beckingen-Haustadt in der Kirche Sankt Mauritius statt. 😢

  3. Den lieben Menschen, den wir verloren haben,
    wird in unserem Herzen weiterleben.
    Danke schön für das Engagement
    um die Anerkennung der Lyme Disease.
    Kraft ihren Kindern und ihrer Angehörigen.
    In stiller Trauer und Gedenken.

  4. Du wirst schmerzlich fehlen

    Mein tiefes Beileid den Angehörigen

    Danke für alles
    Ich werde dich nie vergessen

  5. So sorry to continue to hear this. Many prayers for Christine’s family.
    As one mentioned above they thought she was doing well. Funny how we adapt to pretend because people don’t see it don’t get it. The illness is silent only to those who don’t have it.
    We shut up because often we have lost so many friends and family members from the mainstream of our lives. We fear losing who we might have if anyone or two that might get it.
    I really just can’t say enough or right this moment anymore . It breaks my heart into. All of us with Lyme are Christina.
    God I know I should not ask why , but I must Why ??? How many 1000’s? Now not just an epidemic but pandemic!!!
    You are all candidates people just like us. No one is immune. Christina we will love and miss you!!! So sorry . Doesn’t say something that condolences are so often
    Written in this fashion when it comes to Lyme Disease??

  6. Christine’s suffering will not, cannot, be in vain…there are many others willing to pick up and continue the fight where she left off…I know that Lyme is the first thing I think about upon wakening and the last thing I think about before I close my eyes each night, for the sake of my son. God rest her soul and may He watch over her friends and family until the day they are again reunited.

  7. I loved and will miss checking in to my accounts and seeing what Tini the Queeny is up to next. She’s an awesome person and my heart goes out to Christine’s family and friends and especially her babies. I know she loved them very much. Sending hugs from Canada.

  8. I am shocked, I thought she was doing pretty well…….I followed Christine on her trips to India for Lyme treatment. a few years ago hoping she had found the answer to this terrible disease…She was so active in the Lyme community and will be missed by so many……RIP dear Christine

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