Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 3

You can now register for Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 3!
I thought you might want to know — the Chronic Lyme Disease Summit #3 will be ONLINE starting April 30th!

You can register for FREE now by clicking here.

Lyme Disease is the fastest growing, vector-borne infectious disease in the United States and has been found all over the world. It knows no borders and can affect anyone at anytime.

This Online Event Is For You If:

  • You or a family member have been affected by Lyme disease.

  • You are interested in learning more about potentially life-saving methods of dealing with Lyme disease and related health conditions.

  • You or a loved one has been diagnosed or potentially misdiagnosed with any of the following conditions: chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, meningitis, multiple sclerosis (MS), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), autism, ADHD, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or dystonia.

  • You are interested in natural, holistic health practices.

  • You are a health care provider who is interested in learning more from some of the top experts in the Lyme disease natural health space.

Hear from last year’s attendees…




This year we have close to 40 experts who will speak on topics from Anti-Inflammatory Diets to Mold and Biotoxic Illness to Understanding the Emotional Triggers of Lyme. We’re talking LIFE changing information in this free event.

I hope you’ll join us!

You can register for FREE now by clicking here or CLICK HERE to purchase the set to listen to at your own convenience. 

Lisa Hilton

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If you are a Lyme patient and could use a couple extra bucks….

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  1. We can see that lot of people having very less knowledge about any kind of diseases.I have checked some of things on diseases on edu birdie page where I got some of the information about many kind diseases.

  2. Dr Jay, I can’t buy your series; however, I suggest that you use a donation button so that people who appreciate your work can contribute according to their means.

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