Chronic Lyme Lives Here World Patient Map


Interactive Chronic Lyme Patients Map

In 2014 we added this map and Lyme patients from around the world added their information.

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  1. I was recently diagnosed with Lyme, as was my younger sister. I was misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia for 12 years and had to retire early due to foggy brain. I was an avid skier and horseback rider, who had never heard of Lyme. My older sister just passed away after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in her early 60’s. My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers later in life and died. My first cousin was diagnosed with ALS and died after a few months. All of were avid outdoorswomen and/or major gardeners. It is quite possible that the diagnoses, like mine were incorrect. My younger sister caught hers early and is doing better. When people debate whether the world will end by fire or ice, they should add Lyme Disease. Pestilence.

  2. Hi,
    Extremely sorry to hear everyones personal story of this horrendous disease.

    I work for a company launching a Lyme disease prevention technology on Indiegogo in 9 days to remove and rapidly test ticks for infection, rather than the human victim.

    I would love to include this map on the campaign page to get the scale of the issue across to the public.

    Is there a link for the map alone I can add?


  3. I have been sick since 2009. My other was diagnosed with Lyme disease in her 20’s. I have had health problems my whole life long. I keep having positive and negative tests, but there is no doubt that I have Lyme. I had positive tests last year and was sent to a psychiatric hospital. I was there 4 months. Didnt help and it was hell, i was takem from my family and abused. My family was accused and lied about endlessly. It was said i had anorexia, mean while i couldnt swollow and had a tube in my stomach because it got so bad. 2 weeks after i got there from a private hospital, my newly inserted PEG was forced out even though i couldnt eat at all. I was discharged in August 2014, very sick. I had another relapse in October and needed another tube. The moment this psychiatric hospital heard this, they snached me up and isolated, starved and abused me for over 214 days. They told the court I am crazy and that my mother has maunchausens by proxie and that i have factitous disorder and a eating disorder. NONE OF WHICH IS TRUE. I was forced to the court barley being able to walk needed to hold up my pants. I wasnt allowed to see my parents for weeks. This hospital wanted 6 months custody over me, I had to stand up for myself, speak for my self without a lawyer at the age of 14. The magistrate listened to me and didnt proceed in the hospitals custody plans. I was with mentally ill kids and drug addicts, pregnant girls. The nursing staff and psychiatrists were so cruel. They pulled my clothes in front of mentally ill boys, attacked me, abused me, tied me to chairs, choked me, got security and threw me in a bath and ripped my lips till they were bleeding. They left me without food and water for more than 6 weeks. Because i didnt (couldnt) eat i was punished and wasnt allowed any visitors. They would grab me, tie me to a chair, force my jaw open and force eggs and bread (both i am allergic to) down my throat while laughing, swearing and cursing me at the same time. I couldnt swollow the food and they used their fingers. IT WAS HELL. It never stopped. Eventually my parents could only come if i ate, which i couldnt and then my visits were taken. i had to crawl to get to places. my story is endless. All this while i am very sick with Lyme. I was only discharged in August 2015, and i was there since November 2014. I have a lot of pysicall problems. I am very tired now, but i will gladly talk to any lymies. One more thing, I was never allowed to say my story, and the court believed the lies this hospital produced and the court wanted me to stay there. I am a very intellegant child, but go through this all. I dont know what to do anymore.
    Thank you

  4. I live just outside of Albuquerque New Mexico (near a National Forest) and Houston. I travel a lot including to Thailand – is it there? Does anyone know.

    1. It’s everywhere but rare in NM or so we think. It’s definitely in Texas. But it wouldn’t matter if you are in Antarctica as far as I’m concerned because all 3 of my Lyme docs, including an Infectious Diseases expert and a top national tick-borne diseases expert believe it can be natally transmitted. Especially if your parents have neuro-inflammatory health problems…

  5. Panama City Beach, Florida tourist destination to many innocent people! Put a dot on the map for me, please. Igenex pos. for Bb and babesia microti! Ignore the Un- believers, because it is here.

  6. Concentrated and heat activated Cannabis Oil cures Lyme, you just gotta believe me on this. Watch the documentary “Run From the Cure” on youtube for more info about this miracle oil that saved my life.

  7. It won’t let me add myself to the map, not on IE, Chrome, or my android device (using chrome). this is the error message I get:

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  8. Doctors in California don’t believe we even have Lyme Disease here… My daughter;s been sick almost 8 years now…

  9. I grew up on long Island in NY. As kids we played in 4 acres of our heavily wooded property. I along with my brother’s, pulled countless ticks off of ourselves and pet’s over the course of our childhood! I was constantly ill as a child beginning in kindergarten. Terrible stomach aches, headache, Poor memory, cognitive issues, dizziness, fever of unknown cause, chronic ear, sinus and throat infections, “hyperactive “, fatigue, stress disorder, hyperhydrosis, uncoordinated, etc. No doctor could ever figure out what was wrong!

    As an adult I sought out care and answers to the never ending aliments I continuously striken with. Were now in the late 1980’s through 2002! Every Dr. I saw immediately said “You must have Lyme Disease. Your a textbook case!” Yet, every time my blood test came back, the Dr. would say”I’m shocked bc your results were “CDC” negative!” I would then be sent to a different Dr. everyone of them tested me for LD! Results always said “CDC negative” Although, I never did receive any of the actual lab reports. I have no idea if I may have been reactive on many bands? But, perhaps just didn’t meet the CDC’s strict protocol for a poss result!

    Fast Fwd: I went on to deliver 3 live children. They were all sick with infections from birth. Eventually, we moved to NC in July of 2002. By the Spring of 2003 my body could take no more! I was basically bedridden and brain dead. I had 3 sick children ages 3,6 & 9! By some miracle I found a Dr. who listen to my nightmare of complaints and then told me “You have Lyme Disease!” The lab work from Igenex confirmed I had LD! As well as several other co-infections! The Dr. sugested having my children and husband tested also. All 3 children were positive for Lyme and co-infections. My husband test was equivocal.

    I won’t go into detail regarding everyone’s treatment. However, I was immediately put on IV antibiotics for 10 months. Then pulsed on and off oral’s for quite a while. I was live again! In 2006 I went on to get my NC FF, I & II and became a NC cert EMT! I’m not saying I ever felt like a 100% healthy person. I figured there was damage to my joints and myalgia that would be with me forever. I still suffered from occasional fever for no reason and battled a low platelet issue. Nevertheless, I was in the best shape of my life, strong and could finally retain information! Unfortunately, my children were still battling these illneses at the time. We finally saw a major improvement in them around 2009.

    Sadly, by mid to late 2011 we all started to decline. It appears our “remission” was over and symptoms have come back with a vengeance! My youngest recently started having terrible seizures out of nowhere! They are out of control and we can’t find any Lyme “Friendly” Dr’s near us at all! I’m desperate and feel quite hopeless at this point! If anyone knows of a LLMD near the Raleigh area (I’m willing to travel farther) PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Thank you 🙂 Praying for everyone to get well! <3

  10. Waverly, AL ; Don’t believe what you hear, Lyme is in Alabama! Just started treatment, seeing some very slow progress.

  11. My only computer is,an android phone. I would greatly appreciate it if you would add my pin to Chester Ct x 2.
    28 years sick.

  12. Yvette …Muskoka Canada But by the Ontario test I dont have Lyme because they believe there are no ticks in Canada. Was seeing an LLMD in the USA.

  13. I have been given 16 weeks of antimalarials but no antibiotics.Dr.s dont believe in Lyme here uless your labs in Canada say positive. my labs at IGenex are a high positive. now how much does it cost to start treatment in the US?

  14. bit in wisconsin in 1991. finally diagnosed in may 2013, It is a disgrace that this epidemic is not being acknowledged. It almost killed me

    1. similar story here in maine, lorraine. i got sick in 1988 and was continually misdiagnosed for 25 years. finally diagnosed in may 2013….by a naturopathic doc, in 15 minutes!!!!! i was on my deathbed and she saved my life with all natural treatments, which is all i want anyway. not sure how much of my life i’ll get back because of all the years infected and given pharma drugs. but ya, they almost killed me, too! and my choice of words are not so nice as “disgrace”…, i call it what it is……..all the way around, it’s a crime!

  15. My name is Laurie and I’ve been sick for years. I have never gotten proper treatment due to the fact that even though I’m not getting better, these doctors don’t know the way to treat lyme, so they just insist you’re cured after a couple months of doxy. My life is meaningless to them.

  16. My daughter and I both have it, all we’ve heard for years is there is no Lyme in Iowa! And have spent our every dime for treatment because insurance won’t cover it.

  17. Believed to be infected around 1990 in Ottertail, MN. Got tested and began treatment 23 years later. Borrellia B, Babesia and Bartonella.

    1. Hello Patrice: I probably got infected the first time in 1995, then re-infected several times since then. Never got a bullseye rash, and had no clue. I live in Northern Minnesota. All infections were gotten in MN.

      Last infection came in 2012 with Borrellia, Bartonella, and Morgellons. It’s been hell for 17 years. 9 months of fluoroquinolones alternating with macrolides and anti-fungals. Better now, but allot of neurological damage to repair. If anyone here has morgellon disease, fluoroquinolones will kill it. I don’t recommend the Ciprofloxacin due to tenon injuries. Do Levofloxacin instead, and don’t strain yourself for up to six months.

      1. Please, everyone, DO NOT take any of the recommended Lyme drugs that are known as ‘floxies.’ Or, the long name of ‘fluoroquinolones.’ You may not know whether or not you have the ‘gene snps’ for that group of drugs. The floxie drugs will make you very, very sick. They are the deadliest antibiotic on the market. I don’t believe in antibiotic drugs, especially for Lyme. I knew about the ‘snps,’ so I didn’t take the drugs.

        You can find out about your SNPS by doing the saliva test ($99.00) and download your ‘raw gene data.’ Then, upload your raw genetic data to ($30.00.) Check to see if you have the following snps expressing. I did.

        G6PD *A357G (most important)
        G6PD C1311T
        G6PD G1478A
        G6PD G6PD-A(+)
        G6PD/IKBKG G6PD-A(-)
        G6PD/IKBKG G6PD-Mediterran

        I have done a tremendous amount of genetic research in terms of our SNPS. I am not a doctor but was studying to be a Holistic Health Practitioner (with a epigenetic and nutrigenomic approach) when I discovered I had Lyme. Many of us with Lyme will also have other SNPS that compromise us, particularly MTHFR. (list of floxies)

  18. 16 years sick, seeing some progress but it doesn’t come easy all the pic lines an I.V lines an hospital visits are tough.

      1. Hi Tami,

        I’m from Chicago but tick bite was near South Haven Michigan where we have a home near
        Grand Junction. Would you mind pm on facebook what doc you see? Thanks.:)

    1. hey denise,

      Live in Chicago but tick bite happened in South Haven. Have a home there by Grand Junction.
      Could you pm me on facebook what doc you go too? Thanks:)

    1. Find a holistic doctor. If you can’t find one go to 4 different doctors for 7 day supplies of antibiotics. Takes 30 days of doxycycline to kill it. More since you have been sick. What area do you live.

      1. not nessarily true do your research selenium or lack of will inform you or at least check it out, i am not saying antibiotics do not work,however intrveneously is what it takes if not have gotten it at a early stage.

        1. pepole i know have it including my husband who has been bitten over7 times any good doctor in southern oregon never knows or willl no stay due to too many patients.oregon has mant white tailed deer

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