Cold Laser Therapy

cold laser surgery

Cold Laser Therapy for Pain and Inflammation

Cold Laser Therapy or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a treatment that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue and is thought to help accelerate the healing process. It can be used on patients who suffer from a variety of acute and chronic conditions in order to help eliminate pain, swelling, reduce spasms and increase functionality.

How the Cold Laser Works to Heal Damaged Tissues

Usually you get this done at a Chiropractor,  Naturopath or Physical Therapist but you can also buy a machine for home use.

Here’s examples of machines you can buy online.

Light Relief Infrared Pain Relief Device

Dynasty VLP-1 Professional Cold Light Laser Therapy For Joint Pain Relief Acupuncture Anti-Inflammatory For Professional and Home Use

Low Level Laser Therapy Medicomat-21CC Cold Laser Low Intensity Acupuncture Pain Relief

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