Dad’s Wish for his 4 Sons


The Situation:

My 17 year old son Colin and his 3 younger brothers are seriously ill with Lyme disease. Colin is mostly bedridden and confined to his room. He is too sick to see friends or go to school.


  • Colin would love a Best Buy gift card. He does like to spend time on the computer.
  • His brothers Luke 14, Joe 12 and Zach 12 would love a Best Buy gift card.

They have all been suffering so horribly for 5 years now. This would make them feel special and not forgotten. Thank you!

How to send Gift Cards to the boys:

Contact Colin at to get his address for cards.

Note for Potential Donors:
If you donate to Colin’s kids, please comment in the section below so we can keep track of who has been donated to. Thank you!


Wishes Granted So Far

Still waiting on wishes.


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