New Lyme Disease Book by Kenneth B Liegner, M.D.

Dr Kenneth Liegner’s new book has been released!

In the Crucible of Chronic Lyme Disease: Collected Writings & Associated Materials


The book will be available exclusively through Xlibris. You can order at


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More on Dr Liegner:

Who is Dr. Kenneth B. Liegner? 

LYMEPOLICYWONK: Speaking Truth to Power: Dr. Liegner Lays it Out for the IOM

ILADS President Daniel Cameron, MD, interviews Dr. Kenneth Liegner during a live streaming show at the 14th Annual ILADS Conference in San Diego in 2013.

Dr Liegner speaking at the NYC Worldwide Lyme Rally

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Letter to Congressman Gibson

The Sensible Pursuit of Answers
Kenneth B. Liegner
Lyme Borreliosis and Related Disorders, Internal and Critical Care Medicine
8 Barnard Road, Armonk, New York 10504
Journal of Clinical Microbiology, Aug. 1993, p. 1961-1963
Letter from Dr. Liegner to Intracorp Third-Party Review Physician who ulimately denied reimbursement for intravenous therapy for a 7 year old with apparent Lyme encephalitis, which eventuated in death within 30 days of cessation of IV antibiotic therapy
Letter from Frederick County Maryland Department of Public Health to Dr. Liegner RE: Reporting Jennifer Lilly case
Dr Liegner’s Letter to the Institute of Medicine

Video of Vicki Logan 2001-06-21

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3 thoughts on “New Lyme Disease Book by Kenneth B Liegner, M.D.”

  1. lisa, thanks for posting all of the above especially showing me the inside book flap of ken’s future book coming out.

    ILLEGIBLE FONT for me so i won’t be buying it.

    wished i’d seen something like this before i bought 4 copies of expensive GOD SCIENCE book by pj langhoff, which i bought for 4 area public libraries!

    HUGE, expensive mistake; i couldn’t begin to read let more LIFT the heaviest book i’ve lifted in my 66 years of life!

    lisa, thanks for going out of your way to provide all these links, research, activism despite being so sick in your life again.

    i will be getting my donation to you for YOUR fundraiser in the near future; i haven’t forgotten you.

    many irons in my fire!

    hugs/prayers lisa,

    bettyg, iowa friend/activist

    1. No. I had not seen this. Ty for posting. Im sure it will be excellent. He is the reason i was able to get back to work and raise my kids thru college. They are all thriving now. He is the reason my oldest son recovered and the reason his wife found out shehad lyme. It wasnt on her radar, but with his treatment she went to college, all the way to masters and is teaching now. He is the reason i am not in nursing home or gone now. When very few knew what was going on with Lyme he worked with me to give me my life back.
      I hope many are helped by this book.

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