Connecticut Supreme Court has agreed to hear a key aspect of Dr. Jones’ appeal

Dear All,
I want to let you know some good news about Dr. Jones’ legal battle asap!!!  This notice reflects my effort to convey some complex legal issues – watch for an official update from Dr. Jones in the near future.

Note that this burden of proof is less stringent, for example,  than the one used in proceedings against attorneys who are brought before their own disciplinary body – and significantly less stringent than the standard used in criminal proceedings:  “beyond a reasonable doubt.”  In other words, this standard makes it easier to obtain a finding of guilty for physicians who are the subject of complaints brought before the CMEB.  The outcome of this appeal could set an important precedent for all physicians, as it challenges the standard of proof required in medical board/disciplinary proceedings.

This constitutes a victory for Dr. Jones and his legal team:  only about 9% of these requests (“certification petitions) are granted by the Connecticut Supreme Court, yet they have agreed to consider this issue!
The next steps involve the writing of the legal brief, which is expected to be challenged by the Connecticut Department of Health, followed by the presentation of the respective oral arguments before the Connecticut Supreme Court!
As you can see, these steps will entail many hours of legal representation.  With this in mind, we hope that you will put Dr. Jones’ legal defense fund on your holiday gift list (-;  These donations have been critical to Dr. Jones’ ability to keep this crucial fight going!
Here is the information regarding where contributions to the legal defense fund can be sent:
Pullman and Comley Trust Account for Dr. Charles Ray Jones
            In the memo section of the check:  Gift/Legal Defense Fund
Mail it to:
            Elliott B. Pollack, Esq.
            Pullman and Comley, LLC
            90 State House Square
            Hartford, CT 06103-3702
Many thanks, with wishes for healthy, happy holidays to all!
Sheila M. Statlender, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
53 Langley Road – Suite 330C
Newton Centre, MA 02459

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