Culture-positive Lyme borreliosis.

 Med J Aust. 1998 May 18;168,10:500-2. Comment in: Med J Aust. 1998 May 18;168,10:479-80. 
Culture-positive Lyme borreliosis. Hudson BJ, Stewart M, Lennox VA, Fukunaga M, Yabuki M, 
Macorison H, Kitchener-Smith J.
Microbiology Department, Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, NSW.
We report a case of Lyme borreliosis. Culture of skin biopsy was positive for Borrelia garinii, 
despite repeated prior treatment with antibiotics. The patient had travelled in Europe 17 
months before the onset of symptoms, but the clinical details indicate that the organism could 
have been acquired in Australia. The results of conventional serological and histopathological
tests were negative, despite an illness duration of at least two years

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