Daryl Hall and Lyme Disease

Daryl Hall is one of the few celebrities that suffers from Lyme Disease that does speak out against it.

Articles & Interviews

“It’s A Scandal” -Daryl Hall on Doctors Denying Chronic Lyme
In February of 2015, at my very sickest from chronic Lyme and Bartonella, after it was missed by eleven NYC doctors, I was homebound and in heart failure. On one of those terrifying, bleary days I caught the last half of a Dan Rather interview with Daryl.

The Healthline Interview: Daryl Hall
Pop legend Daryl Hall talks about living with Lyme disease, why he is “ticked off” by the local deer population and how he stays youthful at 65.

New Yorkers Call Lyme Disease the New Plague – Truthout
“It’s a plague! It really is,” asserted Howard Stern in an interview with Daryl Hall, who suffers from Lyme disease along with his wife and two step-children. “A lot of people don’t know this, but it’s a serious problem.”

NEWS: Musician Daryl Hall talks about how he “crashed …
The pop legend, of “Hall & Oates” fame, speaks candidly about his continuing experience with Lyme disease.


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