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I was dx in march of ’12 i have a special needs child that is 19 we have little money i am not able to afford treatment and do not have a lyme doc so my primary just medicates my symptoms. I live with my daughter and my niece we are looking at possible eviction my husband does the best he can for us but we do not have a vehicle i can only get rides for our dr appts my husband has not tested for lyme but also has many symptoms of lyme we really could use some help getting us through the winter thank you . . .


  • I wish for a pair of boots and a pair of sneakers for my husband he has worn holes in his shoes walking our city to get what we need. He wears size 10 1/2.
  • we fell behind on our utility bill and have a past due balance of $292.00 if we could get help paying off the balance so we do not lose our utilities that would be appreciated more than you know xoxo

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12/10/2014 1 Cash Donation


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