Dear Military Lyme Support Members

December 1, 2011

Dear Military Lyme Support Members,

I’m writing to inform you that it looks like Tricare and the Military Heath System is continuing to give Lyme patients the run-around in spite of our efforts with Congressmembers, the Defense Health Board, and assistance from Dr. Jack Smith of Tricare Management Activity. Because of this we will be considering a class-action lawsuit being started on everyone’s behalf. The lawsuit will be based on the difficulty of accessing our medical benefits, and violation of patient rights, adherence to the IDSA’s guidelines by the MHS, etc.

Also, I’m encouraging each and every one of you to file a complaint with your installation’s JAG as well as an IG complaint detailing how difficult it’s been (either past or present) to get access to your medical benefits regarding Lyme treatment, as well as how your patient rights are being denied (either past or present). In your IG complaint, you should include the names of any military doctors/hospitals who have harrassed either you or the ILADS doctors that are trying to treat you. If you’ve been denied Lyme treatment based on the IDSA guidelines, and have received those guidelines from doctors as basis for their denial of treatment, you should also include that info in your JAG and IG complaints.

Please be sure to keep a copy of your JAG and IG complaints, as it will be needed as evidence for the class-action suit. I will be doing a JAG and IG complaint on behalf of ALL Military Lyme Support membership (past and present).

I will keep you posted as things start trickling in.


Colleen Nicholson
Founder, MilitaryLymeSupport®

CC: Dr. Jack Smith, HA/TMA
Lt. Col. James B. Nicholson Jr, USAF
Congressman Chris Smith, NJ

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