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The Situation:  As you know me and the kids have Lyme, and the kids are not seeing a doctor right now because I can’t afford the initial appointments or medications. I also have been so ill myself and no support from anyone to take them. I have so many issues and questions.

On top of Lyme, I was diagnosed with a skull based brain tumor a few years ago that they never biopsy back then because they believed it to be benign because of appearance and blood test. They didn’t want to biopsy it because it was dangerous and would likely cause more severe disability. They said it was slow growing and monitor it by MRI every 6 months or so. Well it doubled in size since the last MRI. I now go for treatment at froedert clinical cancer care every Monday.

They also say I have a Chiari. I have been really struggling. I live rurally and struggle to get to the Cancer Center due to lack or transport and money to pay for gas and some days I am there all day and can’t even buy a little lunch because we cannot afford it.

Christmas is coming and so is snow and I cannot afford any of the things I need for my kids, little less anything fun for them. We have a car but it needs repairs and my caregivers are not allowed to drive me to appoitments.  Our house is full of mold and we know we should move but also that seems impossible right now due to funding.

For my Kids:

 I would just love for each to get some presents to put under the tree. 

My oldest son is almost 13. Towers over me, lol. He is a big boy! (Taking after my father who was nearly 6’6)

My daughter is almost 10

My youngest son is 7 almost 8!

For Medical Treatment

  • Gas Cards
  • I would love 1 Walmart Gift Card fo reach kid so I could get them each one Christmas Present.

How to Donate to Debbie:

You can donate to Debbie using ddb11702@yahoo on Paypal.

Note for Potential Donors: If you donate to Debbie, please comment in the section below so we can keep track of who has been donated to. Thank you!


Wishes Granted so Far

1. Cash donation on 11/25/2014
2. Cash donation made towards kids on 12/14/2014

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3 thoughts on “Debbie’s Wish”

    1. Thank you so much for helping make my children’s Christmas special! It means so much to me as a mom to know my children will have gifts to open on Christmas and smiles on their faces! Thank you for caring.

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