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Deiby Ashkenazy


Deiby Ashkenazy

 contracted Lyme as a teenager visiting the USA. Back in Israel, when she became ill, she was misdiagnosed. Thinking she had autoimmune disease, she was treated repeatedly with steroids and got worse and worse. She became encephalopathic, went blind, became paralyzed below the waist, then developed arm weakness and bladder and swallowing difficulties. She finally was diagnosed with Lyme with a variety of positive tests on blood, CSF, and urine. Aggressive treatment helped her, but back in Israel she could not get this care.

Death of Deiby Ashkenazy, 24

This quilt square was made by Christina Murphy in honor of Deiby. 

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2 thoughts on “Deiby Ashkenazy”

  1. I would like to thank Christina Murphy for quilt square she made in honor of Deiby.
    Iam traying to awake awerness for Lyme Disease in Israel through the Facebook,
    I opend a comunity page- Deiby’s room .

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