Denise Longman: UK Lyme Disease Activist


Each day of May for Lyme Awareness Month in 2015, would like to recognize someone in the Lyme community that has done something to try to help the Lyme community. There are several “unsung heroes” in our community and we would  like to just offer them a little recognition and make sure that their achievements and efforts don’t go  unnoticed.

Today we would like to honor Denise Longman!

Thank you Karen Smith and Peter Kemp for helping me to write this article for Denise, collect pictures and for your tribute to her at the end of the article.


In recent years Denise has been active in helping to organise and promote the London Lyme protests.


In January 2015, LDUK group members Demetrios Loukas organised the first ever patient-lead Parliamentary Conference on Lyme disease which was opened and chaired by The Countess of Mar. Denise gave a presentation at the Houses of Parliament in January 2015 which got a standing ovation from the audience.

Read more about the Parliamentary Lyme Disease Conference, London 2015 Here

Read the text from the parliamentary Lyme Disease Conference Here

London Lyme Disease Protest at Department of Health 13 May, 2015

Beccles Lyme Protest
Friday 10th of May, 2013

Denise: In 2013 I did my own mini protest with 4 friends in a local town called Beccles and we handed out about 400 leaflets and I was on Radio Suffolk for the evening rush hour programme where they replayed it every half hour.

UK Lyme awareness protests

From Peter Kemp: “Denise started a petition asking that Lyme disease be recognized as a notifiable disease, that doctors and the medical community get trained to treat it and that it can be treated as long as need be for patient improvement. At the 2012 protest she delivered the UK Lyme petition (now up to 13k signatures) to 10 Downing Street.”


See Petition Here

From Denise:

That photo was from 10th May 2012, when we did the first Lyme protest in the UK since 2004. . It was organised by Darren Smith. He and his wife and daughter, plus Ruth Black and Catherine Collins and myself, all got permission to go to the door of Number 10 Downing Street where I handed over the UK Lyme Petition, which I began the year before. We only had about 2,300 signatures then, all were printed out plus many comments.

Now in 2015 the petition has more then 12,000 signatures!

Denise had an article about her in Chat magazine and the Eastern Daily Press

Reydon woman’s petition bid to put Lyme disease in spotlight
A north Suffolk woman is taking her campaign to the Prime Minister’s doorstep to raise awareness of a tick-borne disease which “ruined her life.” Read Full Article Here

Denise’s Story in Chat Magazine, “Ticked Off”

Denise Longman on the Radio Suffolk  for the Worldwide Lyme Disease Protest on May 10th 2013

and has been interviewed on BBC Radio Suffolk 3 times, as well as being interviewed by Sonia Poulten on People’s TV.

Listen to Denise on BBC Talk Show

Denise Longman talking on Radio Suffolk about Lyme disease, on the morning of the
‘ASK The Department of Health Why?’ rally in London. May 9th 2012

KB and Denise Longman at Southwold Beach, United Kingdom

“KB is a koala bear that travels around the world to meet chronically ill people.” Learn more about KB here.

KB’s Travel Adventure

KB and Denise Longman at Southwold Beach, United Kingdom.
KB and Denise Longman at Southwold Beach, United Kingdom.

A message from a friend:

I first connected with Denise on facebook around 2012 through mutual friends raising awareness for Lyme and chronic illness. We didn’t talk all that much in the begininning, just sharing each others posts and interests in patient awareness. We started crossing paths/ talking more after the 2013 Worldwide Lyme Protests. In 2014 – through working on collating international information – and various country information, Denise, Lisa H and myself began to talk more and more regularly. Denise is a quite achiever, working constantly in the background, trying to help people and other countries unite. This, combined with her passion for exposing the suffering of thousands, not only in the UK, but around the world, was why Lisa and myself asked her to help us with the Global Lyme and Invisible Illness organisation – her easygoing nature, and willingness just to jump in and do things, and help everyone from various countries unite makes her a delight to “work” with.
Denise has since become more than just another Lyme advocate to work with – she has become a great personal friend – whom I admire for her continued strength throughout years of personal illness and adversity. ~ Karen Smith


Denise, I just wanted to reiterate everything that Karen said. I can’t say it better then she did but also want to thank you for all you have done. For your Lyme activism and for your friendship. I love working with you, and getting to know you beyond Lyme. And I love skyping with you and Karen but one day I hope to travel and meet you and Karen face to face and give you a big hug. ♥ ~Lisa Hilton


Skyping with friends around the world, Denise Longman (UK) Karen Smith (Australia), and Lisa Hilton and Raya (US)
Skyping with friends around the world, Denise Longman (UK) Karen Smith (Australia), and Lisa Hilton and Raya (US)


7 thoughts on “Denise Longman: UK Lyme Disease Activist”

  1. Denise, Have you been to the Breakspear Hospital. I do believe there is a charitable fund there that could help to treat you. You need and deserve their help. Xxx. marigold

  2. denise congrats; i enjoyed reading about you and listening to the videos i could.

    THIS LINK IS NO LONGER ACTIVE; so you might want to delete it from above…

    Listen to Denise Longman on BBC Talk Show

    thank you for a job well done 😉

    bettyg, iowa lyme activist

  3. What a pleasure and honour it is to know and meet this amazing , unassuming and dedicated lady.
    Having suffered through decades of incredible pain and misdiagnosis herself, she has pushed forward the knowledge and understanding of vector borne diseases.
    A true fountain of knowledge, to be nurtured and protected.
    A worthy recipient of this accolade.

  4. Because Denise is a scientist and I am not, I have called her literally hundreds of times with questions on theory and method. She is always gracious and supportive. Denise, and I imagine most advocates, have a side to their work that few ever know about. Thank you for acknowledging her dedication.

  5. A very well deserved tribute to a fantastically well informed Lyme advocate, tireless campaigner and all round awesome lady!

  6. A well deserved tribute to a lovely lady who has helped so many in the Lyme Community and worked diligently to try to move the science and knowledge forward.
    I am proud to know Denise as one of my friends.

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