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Please help Diane and Sam, Sam was in a near fatal accident…

lyme fundraisersI am praying to raise funds for my three girls that were born with congenital late stage Lyme disease and co-infections. Our Tick Borne Disease doctor is not covered under my husbands HMO insurance. My girls have been unable to attend school due to being so ill for the last three years. I take care of them 24/7 and am ill myself.
This has been a very hard time for our family for the last three years especially…if you are not able to help I understand but would love your prayers and love…I never expected life to be this hard for my girls…they have lost so much of their childhood ….. Bless you

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From Diane, Sam’s Mom:

– on may 17th my oldest daughter had a sever allergic reaction while driving in which to my understanding used her epi-pen for the first time … This all happened so

Samantha with her mom, Diane.
Samantha with her mom, Diane.

fast she had no time to pull over..not sure if she passed out before her vehicle was hit by the oncoming car but when found she was unresponsive but breathing and had her epi-pen clenched in her hand and it was discharged..meaning to my knowledge she had used it. Sam was med flighted from the scene of the accident in which they operated on her spleen and saved 60% of her spleen…for almost two weeks she has been on life support with just a few times able to go off..she also suffered a collapsed lung that filled with fluid and the procedure they needed to pro-form to try and fix this they could not because she would not of survived .. With the quick thinking of her icu team they decided to try and go in and suction what they could knowing that at least 25% of her lung would still be collapsed and fluid filled…they did this as last ditch effort to save my daughters life..when the nurse and drs went to look at the ex ray after this they stood in silence…what they witnessed was a perfect 19 yr old lung… They could not explain to us how this could be..they told us..”Devine Intervention”
I owe this to all of you … Thank you!! It’s going to be a year filled with hard work on my daughters part with traumatic brain injury rehab…it clearly is a miracle she has gotten this far already…


So I have been asked for specific prayers for Samantha Kathryn
1. To get over this terrible infection of c-diff my daughter caught in the icu
2. For strength, patients, calmness
3. For Sams three brain injuries to subside and heal in miraculous timing
4. For Sam to be able to swallow and cough so her treac can be taken out. And her feeding tube to be also then taken out.

I ask these things in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ … Amen

Can everyone please help Diane by sending her gas cards, gift certificates or making a donation to her fundraiser or paypal account. Also sending a Sam a “Get Well” Card would be very nice.

You can make a donation or mail Sam a card here:

You can donate to:
PayPal is

Send card to:
Samantha Buttterbrodt
701 west st Beaver dam, WI. 53916

Donate to their fundraiser here:

Words from Sam’s Sister, Sophie:
Hey sissy I know you’re probably not going to see this for a while but I saw you for

Samantha with her sisters.
Samantha with her sisters.

the first time today, your heart rate went way up and you looked scared but mom says you were just really happy lol. I hope i didn’t scare you. You gave me a good scare within the first five minutes of me being there by trying to pull your trach out, i had to pry your fingers off with your death grip lol. Were you trying to talk? Maybe I’ll find out before you even see this. I know Steph was really scared at first and I cried when you squeezed her hand to tell her everything’s alright. I’m never going to forget how you reached up and touched my cheek, it was honestly the most amazing moment of my life. I hope I didn’t freak you out with my bawling. I could tell from the moment I saw you that you were still there 100% you were pulling on every wire you could get your hands on, and being our same old stubborn Sam  You have an amazing fighting spirit that is baffling doctors every day, you’re recovering faster and more passionately than they thought was even possible. You’re the strongest person I know. I know we fight like any other sisters do but you honestly don’t comprehend how much you love someone until you almost lose them and I’ve realized i could never lose you. I love you so so so much Sam, we’ll be back to bickering and fighting about petty things before you know it, and you know what, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ll be visiting you again soon, I already miss you 

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