Different Lyme Publications You May Not Know About




Lyme Times

About Lyme Times:  (From Lyme Times) “Physicians and researchers are frequent contributors to the Lyme Times. The content of the Lyme Times may sometimes be controversial because we publish ongoing issues that are not yet resolved; however, we try to provide patients with balanced information addressing their concerns. CALDA feels we should remember that at the center of all the activity, be it research, conference, support group, demonstration, or controversy, are the patients.”

To find out how to order a copy or become a member please CLICK HERE.



Public Health Alert

About PHA: (From PHA): “The PHA is willing to accept unsolicited article submissions on the issues of chronic illness, Lyme Disease, Lupus, Arthritis, Lou Gherig’s Disease (ALS), Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Morgellons, Multiple Sclerosis and any other chronic illness. FEATURE STORIES: We are specifically interested in stories relating to the courageous human spirit in dealing with these chronic illnesses.

Find out more about the Public Health Alert Newspaper here: http://www.publichealthalert.org/news_2.html




LDA has been giving out these brochures for many years. They are a combination of Lyme Awareness Brochures, Lyme Info Bookmarks and Tick Identification Cards. They will send them to you for free, but it is always nice to make a donation. They were more then generous during the Worldwide Lyme Protest in sending these to each state. They may need donations to restock now. Thank you! Click Here to Order


Downloadable Brochures and Charts and other Printables


LDA has many different posters, charts, rash pictures and general Lyme or other tick borne disease informational posters you can print out.

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 You can download these brochures by CLICKING HERE



Under Our Skin is an educational documentary on a handful of people that are suffering from Lyme Disease. It’s a great way to help spread awareness. You can set up UOS viewings at your local library or schools. Click Here to Learn More

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