Disulfiram, a New Hope for Lyme Disease Treatment

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Disulfiram, a New Hope for Lyme Disease Treatment

News of a new medication called Disulfiram has been circulating around the Lyme community lately. After years of many different treatments coming and going, this is the latest to surface and give us hope.

What is Disulfiram?

Many of you have probably already heard of this drug, but by it’s trade name, Antabuse. Antabuse, or otherwise known as Disulgiram is a drug used to support the treatment of chronic alcoholism by producing an acute sensitivity to ethanol (drinking alcohol). But it turns out that Disulfiram has known activity as an antimicrobial. Studies have demonstrated its action against gram-positive bacteria such as Staphylococcus and Streptococcus species as well as malaria.

Disulfiram and Lyme Disease

Daniel A. Kinderlehrer MD has written a couple articles about his work with Disulfiram and Lyme disease and Dr Kenneth Liegner has used this medication with patients with good results. Please read the following articles to learn more about their research and the potential of Disulfiram.

Here is a Facebook group you can join too to learn more. Disulfiram for Lyme Support Group (Antabuse)

Dr Kenneth Liegner Interview with Disulfiram for Lyme Support Group

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