Divegirl Deb’s Lyme Story

891872_711205862255526_374198907_oI got hurt 5-17-1984, caused the onset of Fibromyalgia. 1991 finally diagnosed FMS. Sent to pain specialist via my CA WCAB judge! Ugh…..had every drug thown at me, been sick from them all. My condition kept falling, loosing ground each year. I’ve seen over 50-doctors now. Had hundreds of tests. Got stuck with a pain specialist, installs morphine pumps, kept me well drugged for over 10-years.

I coined the term, ‘Walking Rigor mortise’ to describe it. I feel like my body is turning into stone. No answers for 30-years. I found a Functional Medicine doc who now has his practice in ruins. Went to OHSU in Portland, they mentioned Lyme. Hurrah! My pain doc did too! I’ve built a great team but no Lyme Literate

Finally, a friend with Lyme said, ‘Deb you have Lyme’. Finally, on this Amtrac journey, I found out why I’ve been increasingly sick. In fact I nearly died with cardiac issues last Summer.This is me very excited to finally talk to the right doctors. Turns out, I do in fact have Lyme

Yet, I’ve finally broken the glass ceiling. I rode Amtrac to the bay area to see one of the top 10 LLMD in the country. I’ve known for two years (via a buddy) I had Lyme.

3-3-2014 got diagnosed. In treatment finally! W hoot hoo, happy dance. Let the treatment begin.


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  1. Deb~ my husband has been very ill. He is on a ventilator. Was diagnosed with every disease possible yet none of them fit. Especially ALS. Did my research and got help from Lymies and he was finally diagnosed with a rare tick borne illness AND Lyme. Continually fighting for treatment but we are starting to see slow gains. Just wanted to reach out to you and support you any way I can. My new mission is to help others with this horrible affliction. Thanks, Tara

    1. Please also get tested for mycoplasma. Read about mycoplasma fermentans and lyme, it may help understanding Fibromyalgia and ALS, among other “auto immume” illnesses. Read my longer comment on the Mycoplasma Fermentans portion of this site, and the relief I found with Levofloxacin. Hope the info is helpful.

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