DIY Detox Summit

DIY Detox Summit

What will you Learn?

  • How to detox the environment of your home
  • Foods that help your body naturally detox
  • Recommended supplements to assist with detox and nutrition
  • Simple, affordable DIY techniques and lifestyle habits
  • How to add essential oils to your daily routines
  • Detox properly with autoimmunity and hormonal imbalance
  • And more!

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These world-renowned detox experts can help those struggling with toxicity, known or unknown, and help everyone learn to affordably (and easily!) avoid toxins and gently remove them from their bodies.

The topic of detox may sound overwhelming and complicated but, actually, most of it is under your control. Learn how to avoid toxins in your home and gently remove them from your body with these expert at-home tips, tricks and strategies.

No matter how hard you try, you’re still bound to accumulate toxins in your body!

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