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Do any other Lyme Patients have Pain that Moves Around?

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Do any other Lyme patients have pain or symptoms that constantly changes or moves Around?

If you are a Lyme patient or join any Lyme forums, you will see people asking this question. I know for me personally, my symptoms change all throughout the day, sometimes hour by hour. This is one of the things that makes caretakers, family members, friends or the medical community not take us seriously. They don’t understand migratory symptoms are normal in Lyme patients.

With Lyme it is normal for one knee to be painful and swollen for a day or two, only to wake up one day and it’s the opposite knee. Or to wake up and the pain is now in your shoulder. And this type of behavior is not limited to pain, it seems to be with all symptoms. Dizziness my be the main symptoms one day or early in the morning, and as that fades, back pain appears, and as that fades the internal vibration we sometimes feel appears.

The ups and downs of the Lyme roller coaster are frustrating and leave patients just desperate for a break in the never ending symptoms. It is also hard for the caregivers or family and friends to totally “get this.” Usually people have an issue, and it stays the same for a longer period until it is taken care of by a doctor or meds. But this is not the case with Lyme.

So how do you explain to those around you that one day you are out gardening for three hours straight, then the next day you can’t even  barely stand up without feeling like you will pass out?  How do you explain that you were limping for a day and then now that pain is totally gone but you have insane head pressure and blurry vision? How do you explain that the inflammation that Lyme disease causes moves around inside our bodies?

Please share your experiences with migratory pain/symptoms below in the comments.


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6 thoughts on “Do any other Lyme Patients have Pain that Moves Around?”

  1. I need LLMD any suggestions to help me find a good one other Google one. Thanks for your time
    Sincerely, Nicole Miller

  2. My pain shows up all over my body in a way that I think of as lights lighting up like some disco light background, flashing one place and then another. While most common on legs and feet and arms and hands, when my husband asks me where it hurts, it is simplest to say “all over” because it seems to jump from one place to another. The sheer level of activity wears away at me as much as the actual pain. I have found ways to cope but wish someone would research ways to truly minimize it.

  3. Great article. I am a Lyme disseminated person after 35 years of Lyme (most of it undiagnosed). My family did not understand, but more importantly neither did I. I felt shame, embarrassment and have felt very alone for most of those years. My children were little and all they knew was one day Mom could do something but we would plan something and I often had to cancel. I was hard on myself, doctors told me it was hypochondria and stress. It’s a long story and one that I can see I should write and share with others because I am doing well considering.

    1. Colleenanne, I could relate to everything you just said. If you would ever want to do a guest post on this website just let me know. I would be happy to have you express yourself and put it in the “patient’s view section so others can see they are not alone. <3

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