Donate a Dollar to the Holiday Bucket!


How This Works

If everyone donates just one dollar to the Holiday Bucket it will add up fast!

What am I donating to? has done the Holiday Wishlist 3 years in a row now. It is simply a list of wishes from  people who suffer from Chronic Lyme Disease. People with chronic illness often feel alone and isolated on the holiday. They barely have money for their own treatments or living expenses little less gifts for their kids, so this is just our way of trying to help out these families by bringing a little joy into their holiday season.

Remember by giving a dollar, you are not just offering money, you are offering hope, and the feeling that these people are not invisible. They may not be able to travel for the holiday or show up at family get togethers, but they are not invisible to us.


Dollar Bucket Helped

Bernadette get a $25 donation towards her hearing aids.

Gia got $25 towards helping her and her mom with treatment.

 Lisa R got $25 towards getting gifts for her mom and grandchildren.

Monique recieved $25 towards medical treatment.

Leighann received $25 towards supplements and treatment.

Robin received $25 towards fixing her home.

Bridget received $25 for gas cards.

Katherine got $25 towards grooming her service dog, Rosie.

Lyme Dad got Best Buy Gift Cards for each of his 4 sons.

Sher received $90 towards helping her daughter.

Tracy recieved $90 towards her naturopath visit.

Sarah received $60 towards a safe place to live.

Tina’s Glass have been paid off!

$25 was sent to Leana.

$25 sent to Kristi.

$25 sent to Brittany to get her kids gifts!

These donations here are only the tip of what has been given this year. To see other wishes that were granted 
Click Here

If you want to donate to people individually click here for list.

Thank you for stopping by!


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4 thoughts on “Donate a Dollar to the Holiday Bucket!”

  1. I Just Want to Thank You All So much for the Money Gift From The bucket..You have no idea what this means to me. I Also want to thank Lisa Hilton for all her time and effort in making this all available for all of us out there this year who needs help for the holidays. You will be Blessed For All You Do Thank You AGain ..Love & Prayers Lisa R

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