Dr Hoffmann’s license is suspended

Message from Mike from the Wisc Lyme Yahoo Board:

Re: Dr. Hoffmann

It has come to my attention that Dr. Hoffmann’s license has been suspended. The suspension may go into effect next week. The attorney assured us a deal was in place and there was no need for concern. Obviously this is not the case.

I’m speaking with several folks involved in this matter and trying to get a clear picture of what transpired. I should have a further update later this evening. It’s very suspicious to me that a deal is struck, folks are informed not to show up for the hearing and then a suspension is ordered.

The hearing room was packed with TV crews today to cover the case against Doctor’s writing absentee excuses for protesters in the state capitol this past March.

I will update as I get info.


14 thoughts on “Dr Hoffmann’s license is suspended”

  1. This is absolutely devastating for lyme sufferers, this will unfortunately scare other lyme doctors who treat the very sick chronic lyme patients , how many will die and suffer because of the ignorance and denial of this growing epidemic.

  2. This is so NOT RIGHT! This is very disappointing. I was hoping for the best. I guess I should have known better.

  3. I AM DEVASTATED!!!!!. I fear for my husband. As of this moment, he does not know this news. I honestly do not know how he will react. He is in a downward spiral right now due to the bartonella.


  4. The Dept of Regulation and Licensing in Wi is notorious for messing with the licenses of many good professionals. Often times, it seems, they are just too lazy to pursue the real facts of a situation.

  5. This has got to stop. What is wrong with a society that takes away medical licenses of real doctors, who save lives, while the negligent, arrogant “in your head” types go on to do their damage, that kills and debilitates people? Tim, Shari, and everyone else – definitely time to mobilize. How sick it is that there is literally, a doctor on every corner, but so few who save lives. This is a crime, and something stinks in Denmark!! I’m not a religious person, but, isn’t there something in the Bible about the end times, where right becomes wrong, and wrong becomes right? We are sooooo there. But, we will fight for the right thing.

  6. Time to mobilize is right! Yes that was all a strategy- plotted to get the activists decoyed. “They ” are not going to win- Lyme patients and those behind us are too strong willed – we have lost too much! Many have died and are continuing to as we speak. In Canada – a country with only 30 million people- there are 1.5 million with a disease of ‘unknown’ origin- whatever that really means………… how many of those are really infected with lyme? The costs on the health care system is outrageous!
    We will fight for you Dr H- even those of us who have not been treated by you- we will protect our LLMD’s! Hands off our DOCTORS! Enough already!

  7. I’m so saddened by this. I had heard that everything was going to be OK and that he got to keep his license. Please keep us updated.

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