Dr Horowitz will be on the Katie Couric Show on Oct 9th, 2013!


From Dr. Horowitz:

Hi everyone,

I just received news of the air date for the Katie Couric show that I was just filmed on. If you could send out the information to the Lyme groups and any interested contacts, would be appreciated. A follow-up email should be coming on how to go online and blog for the online debate that will be following the show. Everyone will have the opportunity to discuss their personal experience, and if and how they were affected by the IDSA guidelines.


Dr H

2 thoughts on “Dr Horowitz will be on the Katie Couric Show on Oct 9th, 2013!”

  1. It was a shame that Katie Couric spent only 16 minutes of discussion on Lyme Disease. It was a shame that Katie did NOT do her research with regard to the Lyme CDC panel and their special interests! It was a shame that Katie did not discuss the other diseases associated with Lyme such as ALS, MS, Mental Disorders, Cancer, PALS, MS, Parkinson’s Disease…..It was a shame that Katie did NOT even bother to mention the movie “Under Our Skin” or the Olympic Skier Angeli VanLaanen”s movie. It is a shame that Katie had a doctor on her show that believed that 2 to 4 weeks of doxy can cure Lyme and the Co Infections associated with it. The show was a sham! I lost my left breast to Lyme Disease and the various Co Infections and also a Lymph Node infected with Lyme and Co Infections. It is a shame that Katie did not have her facts straight! I had a Lymph Node removed with cancerous and precancerous cells due to my immune system losing the fight until I insisted the Lymph Node be removed! I have proof! The proof is in my biopsies and the left pectoral muscle that no longer exists because the “Medical Professionals” did not believe me. I would have loved to go on the show with all of my medical documentation and prove doctors and the CDC wrong! Thank God I found a Dr Eiras! She has saved my life and is currently saving my life! I look forward to my 4 year journey coming to an end and by end I do NOT mean my life!

  2. I was affected by IDSA Guideline. I did test positve for Lyme disease by ELSIA in July 2009. I was given 4 weeks of doxy. After 2weeks of doxy I awoke in the middle of the night with a knife like pain in my lower left leg. When I woke up the next morning. I could barely walk on my leg which was inflamed . I was sent for an ultra sound to out rule a blood clot & the doctor prescribed 2 more weeks of doxy (6 weeks total).

    I did not improve. I was told the doctor could only prescribe 6 weeks of doxy & I was sent to a Rhemy on which he told me I never had Lyme as the Western blot only showed 3 bands . In order to have Lyme disease I would have to have 5 bands. I was dx with Fibro. I saw over 14 doctors in 2 yrs as I as becoming disabled.

    My son was concerned as I could barely walk or breathe & researched Lyme disease online & ask me to also research. The next days son brought me over the documentary “Under Our Skin” asked me to call a Lyme Literate Dcotor. I saw a LLMD & was not only dx with Lyme , but also Babesia.

    I was very healthy before Lyme Disesse. I went to the gym 3-4 times a week. I had a full time job on which I loved & was employed for 11 yrs . I had to take a medical leave Februrary 2010, I was also part time employed as Per diem for 4yrs before Lyme disease on which I had to take a medical leave in October 2009, as I was unable to walk on my left leg.

    The reason that I am on disability now I believe is because of IDSA guidelines. My doctors had to follow IDSA guidelines or the doctors were not educated on Lyme Disease or the Co Infections the ticks carry & infect over 300,000 peoe a year . I was not tested for Co infections in 2009(Babesia ).

    I am very Happy to see Katie & Dr H have a show on Lyme Disease so others do not have to suffer & educate the public

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