lyme dr under investigation

Dr Jaller Under Investigation Again

lyme dr under investigation

Update with Dr. Jaller:

Dr. Jaller is now under investigation for the 3rd time. The first two times both of the complaints came in from an Infectious disease doctor, but this complaint is from United Health Care which is a lot more serious. Although Dr. Jaller no longer accepts health insurance, United Health Care has filed a complaint starting that he is using incorrect treatment protocols not by the IDSA.

This is Dr Jaller’s request for help on his blog. 

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6 thoughts on “Dr Jaller Under Investigation Again”

  1. This is frightening. I receive my treatment for Lyme, babesia, and bartonella from a different LLMD in Maryland, and while United Healthcare isn’t paying for doctor visits, they are covering my oral meds and IV antibiotics.

    1. Hi Beth,

      Can I ask how are you feeling now? Can i know the LLMD that you have been too. Your suggestion would be really helpful.



    see the regular email i sent you with additional info of a group list of emails for ALL MARYLAND DELEGATES divided up into groups of 40 to send by BCC, blind carbon copy to ALL in the state.

    hugs/prayers to you lisa and ALL who get involved NOW to cut this off at the pass on dr. dan jaller!

    bettyg, iowa lyme activist
    llmd coordinator

  3. This is an outrage. Why does unites health care have a dog in this battle. If Dr. Jaller doesn’t take insurance what are they doing! I pray that God will protect those who try to help others by doing the right thing! I pray that God protect Dr. Baller now and throughout this ridiculous complaint. Watch over your precious children with Lyme..

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