Dr John Hoffmann, RIP 5/7/2017

deathDr John Hoffmann, RIP

There are no words that can express the loss the Lyme disease community is feeling right now at the news of the passing of Dr H, as Lyme patients called him.

Dr H was loved by all. He had Lyme disease himself and never would turn a Lyme patient away. Condolences and prayers going out to all his patients, family and friends.

Below is a eulogy written for Dr Hoffmann by Mike Nichols and also a  summary of Dr Hoffman’s last moments form someone who was on the scene.

Services will be held at:

  • St. Kilian Catholic Church in Hartford thurs 4-7. The address is 428 Forest St, Hartford, WI 53027
  • Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at St. Kilian Catholic Church, on
    Friday, May 12 at 10:30 a.m.
  • Committal Service will be held at Clearwater Lake Cemetery on Friday, May 12 at 4:30 p.m.
  • A gathering will be held after the committal to continue the memories and fellowship at the Oneida Village in Three Lakes, WI.
  • In lieu of flowers, memorials are appreciated to:
    St. Kilian Catholic Church, St. Theresa Catholic Church, Three Lakes, WI or www.wisconsinlymenetwork.org
  • Dr Hoffmann’s Legacy Page


Lots of people showed up at Docs funeral and services. Family , friends, Lyme patients and doctors came out to say goodbye. It was a bittersweet day as we were there to say goodbye to Doc, yet we got to meet his family, who were so very sweet, see pics of Docs past, from childhood through now, and reminisce with other patients he was treating too. Other Lyme doctors and naturopaths showed up to not only say goodbye but to let us know they will take over some of his cases.

We would love to hear your stories about Dr Hoffmann, your experiences with him, and if you have pictures of him please email them to wheresthekarma@yahoo.com and we will post them for you.

Also, if you hear news of which doctors might pick up his patients please let us know as a lot of people will be lost without him now and will need to seek out a new Lyme doctor. Thank you.

Here is his eulogy written by Mike Nichols:

Dear Lyme Community,

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Dr. John G. Hoffmann. “Doc” as he was affectionately called by everyone will be greatly missed. Dr. Hoffmann’s remarkable life and caring was taken on May 7th 2017.

Dr. Hoffmann successfully treated thousands of lyme patients over the years. His labor of love for his patients often came at great personal cost to himself. In those trying times the lyme community rallied around the man who sacrificed so much. I recall vividly the outpouring of letters and support from Mom’s and Dad’s thankful that their wheelchair bound children could run on the track team again or their child that had lost the ability to speak in complete sentences was now an honor student. He pulled dozens of children out of wheelchairs. Hundreds of these letters and testimonials to Dr. Hoffmann were placed into a binder and given to him many years ago so he knew how much everyone loved and appreciated him. I wonder how many disabled children his detractors pulled from wheelchairs ?

Broken bodies and crushed spirits hobbling down the steps of his tiny basement office to regain the hope that we had all lost so long ago. A $125 office visit so your child could walk again. Many could not afford even this token amount. Doc would get paid in chickens and be thankful for the eggs.

Dr. Hoffmann offered three things to all his patients. Calm, hope, and finally, healing. His quiet confidence, his fatherly knowledge, his straight talk, his cowboy boots and hat presented a man genuine in spirit and compassionate in heart. He afforded himself the luxury of a two-week hunting vacation each fall out west. Riding Amtrak, viewing the wide expanse of the western United States while the size paled in comparison to the diameters of his heart.

Dr. Hoffmann’s own lyme disease battle had a resurgence several months ago but he never wavered in treating his patients. We all owe our lives and the lives of our loved ones to Dr. John Gregory Hoffmann.

There is only one “Doc”. There will be no other.

With sincerity and great appreciation,
Your Friends

Doc Memorial Video made from your comments and pictures below. ♥

Gallery of Memories with Doc

If you have a picture you would like us to include please email it to wheresthekarma@yahoo.com

Doc’s last moments

This was sent into us from one of the people who arrived at the scene of Doc’s car accident.

“I am compelled to write this after learning a little about the man in the overturned van in the ditch on hwy 49, just South of Elderon Wisconsin on May 7th 2017.

It was a beautiful Spring Sunday and we were celebrating a first Holy Communion and a birthday event with the whole family. We just finished watching the children open their gifts and cards and were ready to have cake and ice cream. I glanced out the front window and couldn’t help but notice a few of the nieces outside, start down the driveway in a concerned sort of way.

A few others also noticed this. As more people headed out the door there was a feeling of some sort of urgency. The driveway is long and it took a minute or two to get to the highway. As I approached the highway I was able to see what the concern was all about.

There was a van overturned in the ditch. A few other cars were stopped and there was a small group around the vehicle trying to open the sliding side door. I quickly joined my brother inlaw to try to open it. We could not open it enough for someone to gain access into the vehicle so I quit trying that door and noticed that I may be able to squeeze through the partly opened passenger door. So I went in.

Once inside after a quick glance around I saw no one. There was a lot of debree covering the entire floor which was really the ceiling. After moving a few things I noticed boots, toes pointing up. I instantly realized it was a person. I started to uncover this person by removing all of the debree from him carefully.

I was able to remove everything from him except a small plastic bag covering the upper part of his face. I did notice a mustach and a little movement from his lips, so I knew he was alive. At that point I realized I heard my nephews wife say Kevin, get out of there! She is a first responder and I was in the way. She took over and I joined my wife and another lady to say the Divine Mercy Chaplet for this person.

Many others were praying. Finally the emergency personal arrived and it was a little while before they were able to get him out of the vehicle. They got him out just as the helicopter arrived. They put him in the ambiulance to shuttle him over to the helicopter in the farm field. The helicopter team along with my nephews wife got him stablized enough to get him on the helicopter and off to the hospital. We were hopeful that this person would be OK.

This was a horrible experience for the entire family. And we could not help feeling attached to this person in a special way and feel it was providential that we were there at this time and place to help in the ways wo could. My wife, along with many others I’m sure, could not sleep most of the night. Many prayers were said for him that evening. We did know later that he was a doctor from Waupaca from some of the personal items at the accident site.

Today we did learn who this person was, Dr. John Hoffman. Just from a little read off of one of the lyme sites on the internet makes me feel sad not to have known this person under different circumstances. I can’t wait to meet him !

This is what happened to Dr. John Hoffmen on May 7th, 2017. A personal account of Kevin K. Stevens Point, WI.”

Ode to
Dr. John G. Hoffmann

I feel lost without him

He was in my corner and gave me hope
I would arrive at his office with a list of questions
Y E T often I became speechless, and overwhelmed with the gravity of treating my whole family
Will my daughter T H R I V E, and her funny sense of humor return
Will my son laugh and his eyes S P A R K L E as they did so long ago
Will my husband remain healthy and still L O V E me when I’m finally well
My questions were met with kindness and his words of wisdom, wrung with brisk
C A N D O R , would make me L A U G H
he was a M A N of few words, but every word had W E I G H T
it was the tacit S P A C E between us, words said and not said that gave me H O P E
i B E L I E V E you
Y O U will get better
i  U N D E R S T A N D what you’re feeling
what you’re experiencing is R E A L and not uncommon
dependable and always R E T U R N I N G a phone call with new insight
an unexpected H U G when I felt my world C R U M B L I N G around me
he T R U S T E D me and my instincts and gave it L I F E
Just as I began to lose faith in my treatment path, I received a handwritten note from Dr. Hoffmann in the mail with new prescriptions. A new strategy to navigate an untapped path towards healing.
Doctor Hoffmann saved my LiFE
His imprint on my S O U L is permanently marked and for that . . . . .
I A M G R A T E F U L.

Video made by Deb LeBarbera as a tribute to Dr Hoffmann

More articles and blog posts about Doc:

Interview with Doc H, Kristin Collins and Jennifer Christie


88 thoughts on “Dr John Hoffmann, RIP 5/7/2017”

  1. I had just returned to being doc’s patient three days before his accident. I finally had hope (I feel a bit hopeless now). I feel terrible that I didn’t hear anything until today. I wish I had been there with you all at the funeral.

    Kim Will

    1. Amazon sells herbs for Lyme and Far Infrared Saunas. Far Infrared Sauna/Ozone/herbs may help more than antibiotics. Cryptolepis may help and strong probiotics. No gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO/food with a label..taking vitamins/good oils/minerals..probiotic…LDN..detoxing may help. Dr. Waters/Dr. Green/Acupuncturist in Wausau has ozone and more may help.

  2. We will always remember Doc. He was treating all 3 of us for Lyme and co-infections. Things we will remember: how he always encouraged us (and after being treated for more than 6 years that occurred many times), how he was always sympathetic to our aches and pains (especially the ear ringing), always asking our opinions on what we thought, and always trying something different. We will remember his remarks (which I can not repeat here) on main stream doctors, lawyers, drug companies, insurance companies, Lyme Disease, and Bart….all of which were completely and honestly true. We loved how he would tell it like it was, no sugar coating–tip toeing around. Something you don’t often see now a days. We came along way, not comply well yet, but he took me (Becky) from barley walking, not remembering my own birthdate or address, unable to speak full sentences, shaking terribly, and sleeping 20+ hours a day (to name a few) to a person who can write (obviously), talk, walk, work, and only sleeping 8-10 hours a day. He was a genius and was able to help us, something even the great Cleveland Clinic could not do. He impacted our lives so tremendously it is hard to put into words. Our deepest sympathies to his family and to all he touched. He will never be forgotten.

  3. I’m not taking the news of the passing of Dr. Hoffman well. He made such a positive impact in my life. When going on hospice he was the only Doctor that gave me hope, prayed for me, promised me he would never give up on me. He assured me he won’t let my babies grow up without a Mom. That man saved my life when Duluth, Mayo and Grand Rapids hospital gave up on me, put me on Hospice and gave me a counselor to help me cope mentally through my process of dying, a nurse to come into my home to help me adapt to losing my physical ADLs I wasn’t supposed to see the age of 27. Because of Doc and another LLMD he referred me too and take over my care when he was fighting the medical board,  I’m proud to say I’m 36 years old! My babies still have their Mom and I’m able to watch my first born graduate and go off to college this year. He also treated 2 of my 3 children for congenital Lyme. My children at meal time and bed time prayers would thank God for Doc. He had a heart like no other. He was my true angel. He protected my family and I as well protected him during a time he was being hit by the IDSA, WI board for treating Lyme patients. He stood up for us Lymies and wasn’t afraid to stand up for what was right. He truley cared for everyone of his patients. You rarely see that compassion in doctors these days. I was very mistreated by a doctor in my home town and while in his office he called that doctor. Doc hugged me and we cried together. Doc gave me life and hope when no other medical provider was going too. My family and I are for ever grateful for him. He will forever be in my heart. I always called him my angel and he would half smile with that twinkle in his eyes. He’s not only an angel but hero. Doc will be greatly missed. Until I see you again…..


  4. Dear Doc,
    I write this 3 days late as I have needed time to dry my eyes. We met in 2003/2004 I had finally been diagnosed with Lyme after countless doctors and misdiagnosis. Pre social media I went to the internet where I found Mike. Who led me to you. I was 24 years old, a young police officer and just married, but I couldn’t walk, talk, see, think,sleep etc. My parents brought me to your 1st office in eagle river. Of course I don’t remember much of those years, you had a port put in me. Treated me 4 straight yrs, with IVs and oral meds, and never did i doubt one word of anything you ever said. I trusted you, because you see Doc. You saved my life….little by little I got my life back. You helped me through a healthy pregnancy and become a great police officer, and yrs later making sure Jenna was born healthy, and over the years you became not just my doctor, but Doc, my friend. Little did I know you would soon treat my mom, my dad. My sister and my very ill young nephew. Again doing what you do best being a doctor. But you wernt just a doctor,
    You put the human back into humanitarian, you took hypocracy out if the hypocratic oath, you treated and loved you patients. With care and kindness and a heart and mind like no other before you and likely no other again. You are a hero, you are a lifesaver, you were the face of hope and the calm voice in the sickest of times. I owe my life to you, and my love thanks and gratitude for helping my family.
    Doc, I never thought there would come a day id say I’m glad I have Lyme disease….without lyme, I Likely would not have had the privilege of you in my life, and i cant imagine a life not knowing you. Rest now Doc. You deserve it, and know not a day will go by you won’t be missed or mourned. Save a few Muskie for me up there…. I love you…Jill Foley and the Foley Family.

  5. Rip good friend,, the only doc that made house visits ,am really saddened by this,,this world lost a good man

  6. Dr. Hoffman treated my daughter years ago but I think about him so often. How could I not? A shining example of humanity at it’s best. We drove over 12 hours to see him. The 1st time I was looking around for the Dr. and thought, ‘please don’t be the guy in the hat, fishing vest and cowboy boots’. Walked out wishing all doctors looked exactly like him. She had about 70 symptoms and some of them were horrifying. Didn’t faze him at all. He knew exactly what to do. A few times she had scary herx reactions and I’d call him. He’d always call right back. Didn’t care at all that his fee was basically nothing and now he was making long distance calls. Brilliant, fearless, endlessly compassionate and such a character! Thank you for everything Dr. Hoffman. Heaven better have the best cabin ever waiting for you.

  7. My heart is aching will miss you so much. I miss our long talks at night on the phone and your laughter

  8. RIP Doc. My mom and I found Doc in Eagle River in 2005. He saved my life and gave me hope where no other Doctors did. He told me after my mom passed that at least we bought her a few quality years. I remember once he returned my call at work and when I wasn’t there he called me at home and wanted to know what was going on, I was that sick. Are there any other Doc’s that would do that?? I always left his office with hope. I was 5 hrs away and he would do telephone consults all winter so I didn’t have the travel in the snow. Just a great compassionate man!!! There are no word to express how I am feeling, I will miss you Doc!! Deepest sympathy and prayers to all his friends and family.

    Lori Reilly
    Ahmeek, MI

  9. a true Doctor of the people. they don’t make them like this anymore. he would never allow someone to suffer and never turned anyone away.

  10. I’m in tears…partly in sadness and partly in awe. Doc H helped SO many people throughout his life, even when his help went “against the grain”.

    He helped my 6 year old daughter become herself again when other doctors dismissed her symptoms and simply wouldn’t listen to a desperate mother. For this, I’m eternally grateful to him. We lost a very special person that day..may he forever rest peacefully in knowing that he lived a life full of compassion and service to others. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

  11. A compassionate, caring Doctor and above all a true friend. We will remember fondly the times you would come over and we would watch a Western on TV, discuss the days events, and have a beer. You will be missed. RIP your friends from Eagle River, Wisconsin, Tom and Mary

  12. Dr H, will be greatly missed. I don’t know where I would be today without him. After seeing several drs., two trips to The Mayo Clinic, 4 Lyme test..and every other test known to man…to be told I needed to see a psychiatrist……I was ready to give up. I came across Dr Hoffmann. He was my angel…..and now he’s a angel in heaven.There’s no doubt in my mind. Thank you for everything you done for me and thousands of others doc. Rest in peace

  13. I am very sad to see this post. Dr Hoffman saved my life about 11 years ago. I was dealing with Lymes and getting the round a round for on the local doctors near Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire. They would try a medication for a month and take me off and then blamed the symptoms on depression and a whole mess of other things.

    Somehow I heard about this Dr in Eagle River and the person said over and over, trust me, he knows what he is talking about. Well, I made the long drive to see him and was thrown off at first. I mean this in the best way, he is not your typical doctor at all. He comes in, lightly punches my shoulder and says, how are you doing? He was so down to earth and just wanted to get to the real issues going on.

    Within 2 minutes, he told me he read my chart and knew exactly what he was going to do for me. He wanted to make sure I knew it was a long process and to follow through with what he prescribes. It took over 2 years and many different cycles of meds but he got the upper hand on it.

    I have read some of the other stories and had the same experiences. He knew I drove a long ways to see him and told me many times if I couldn’t drive there, to call and he would just do it over the phone. He was also very concerned when he was moving his practice and what I was going to do. Needless to say, I followed him to the new location.

    I had a very young daughter at home and I was too sick to play with her, pick her up or do much of anything. I was very close to not be able to work at my desk job any longer too.

    I can honestly say I do not think I would be here today if it wasn’t for him. I will forever be grateful for what he did for me.

  14. I was a patient of Doc’s since 2009, he was a great Doctor, I owe him my life. He will be greatly missed. He was always there to listen and the greatest part about him was his belief in you. I struggled for years to find someone to help me. Then Doc came along. He was a great humanitarian that would help anyone. He will be deeply missed. RIP Doc, very sad time for the Lyme Community and Community in general.

  15. I am so devastated about Doc’s passing. I have shed so many tears the last two days. Even though I was only his patient for a few short months, he was the most wonderful doctor I’ve ever seen. He was genuinely concerned about my health, and he gave me the first hope I had for beating Lyme. He would talk to me multiple times a month on the phone to discuss any problems i had. I don’t know what I’ll do without him. He’s done so much for so many. We have lost a true angel, and he can’t be replaced. I’m so sorry Doc. My heart breaks for you and everyone you’ve helped save. We are lost without you.

  16. My husband and I both have lyme disease. I had no idea that my many symptoms were from a little tic when I was only 9 yrs old. I was a fast runner before I got bit. But our grandmother in Barron County (Chetek) told us children to check for tics. 6 mos after I was bit I had fatigue, and many other symptoms. My dream of being in the Olympics was over. Many years later we found Doc. My husband’s health was slipping away. He got better and better week after week. Then when I took a lyme symptom test. I went to Doc myself. He was the most kindest doctor that I had ever met. I truly know that Doc has saved so many lives. We have met so many hundreds of people on the lyme sites and have referred others to him. We had the honor to pray over him shortly after he got his own practice in Waupaca. I asked him how he felt after we prayed over Doc. He said it was the nicest thing anyone has done for me. I thought WOW he is just so humble of a man. He is a TRUE SERVANT. I really wish we could of done more to help Doc financially but he was not worried about how much money He was more concerned about helping save people’s lives from this Horrific Disease that is being completely forgotten from the Medical Industry. We are so proud to have known such a loving, caring, compassionate man that wanted to be Gods servant. Thank you Doctor Hoffman. I love you very much and I will continue to fight the GOOD FIGHT FOR THE REST OF EARTHLY LIFE. I will spread Lyme Awareness until my last breath

  17. Thank you to the people who tried their best to save him that morning. You are hero’s.

  18. Very thankful to have been under the care of Dr. Hoffman. His treatment allowed me to get my life back. I will forever appreciate his help and understanding.

    Lori Zimmermann

  19. I am deeply saddened by this news. While he hasn’t been my doctor for a while, I owe Dr. Hoffman my life, as well as my son’s. Two years ago, he diagnosed me with Lyme, Bartonella, and Babesia. I broke down in tears of relief when he made the diagnosis. He justified my symptoms and gave me HOPE when every other specialist I had seen essentially told me that they just didn’t know what was wrong and it was all in my head. He started treating me aggressively and within a few months, I regained about 50% functionality and was able to return to work and keep my job. A few months later, he also diagnosed my son with congenital Lyme & co-infections. I was reassured that my little 2-year old’s complaints weren’t normal, and he would get better. Thanks to Dr. Hoffman’s diagnosis, my son is now a happy, healthy 4 year-old who is enjoying life as a “normal” preschooler. When the travel to his office wasn’t possible due to the distance, he was willing to do phone appointments (for free), and he openly referred us to another wonderful doctor that was closer when it was no longer feasible. This is such a great loss to the Lyme community. Doc will be missed by many. May he rest in peace. My prayers go out to his family, friends, and patients.

    1. Hi Ashley, my son is also battling this awful disease with Bartonella & babesia. He was on the edge of dying until after years of being “passed around”, he found “Doc”, a few months ago. My son is on his way to recovering thanks to Dr. Hoffman. He truly was sent from heaven. I am so saddened to hear of Dr Hoffman’s passing, and also very worried about who my son will now receive treatment from. I read that Dr Hoffman gave you the name of a Dr closer to you that could do treatment. I’m not sure where you live but desperation begs me to ask if you would share the name of the Dr he referred. I would be very grateful. Thank you.

  20. Doc, as we all called him, was a great doctor, person, and friend. He was treating me for Lyme, babesia and bartonella. He always called me buddy. I wasn’t just a patient, but also, a buddy. R.I.P. my friend. We have all lost a wonderful person.

  21. When Doc practiced in Eagle River it was often difficult for patients to get there. Many times they’d be too ill to make the journey and have to stay at a roadside motel hours away. Doc would grab his bag, hop into his pickup truck and go see them right at the motel.

    His ability to introduce the right med at the right time was uncanny. Doc was doing Burrascanno’s treatment protocol before Burrascanno was. He documented the evolution of the borrelia strain over the years. How it had morphed into a much more virulent strain and other medications needed to be introduced. I’m sure he was the first practitioner to treat babesia and bartonella adequately in the state of Wisconsin.

    His work was pioneering.

  22. I am the manager of tge establishment doc was headed to sunday morning for our sign in. I knew something was wrong when he didnt show up. Doc was a great man,a real life angel here on earth. I cant think of anyones lufe hw hasn’t touched in one way or another and he will be terribly missed. On that note wed like to host a memorial benefit for him. All proceeds will go to lymes desease research. Any help suggestions or contributions would be appreciated. I feel this may help all his friends and patients here in wauoaca and anywhere else hes blessed people cope with this horrible loss. R.i.p. doc please contact rick or lisa at wally world in waupaca if you can help us out with anything.

    1. rick or lisa, please show an email for folks wanting to contact you on doc’s memorial you mentioned on setting up. big thanks!

      was he scheduled to speak there or what?

      betty gordon, iowa

    2. Yes please let me know if you have a link or any information about a benefit you would like me to post or help get the word about about. If you need it posted on a website I will be happy to do that for you along with sharing it on all social media. Just let me know Rick.

      You can email me at wheresthekarma@yahoo.com

  23. Doc saved my son’s life. He saved so many lives.

    I remember referring a patient to him who had classic lyme symptoms. About a year later the patient called me and said Doc had saved his life. He revealed that upon the initial visit Doc stated that more than lyme was going on. He told the patient to schedule a brain MRI. The MRI detected the tumor which was removed in time to save his life.

    Young newlyweds contacted me one time in tears. She had received a diagnosis of ALS and was given six months to live. I said it could possibly be lyme and referred them to Doc. Two years later she sent me a photo of her and her twin baby girls. Doc had treated her and treated her through the pregnancy so the babies were born healthy.

    The first time we saw Doc at his Eagle River office we were waiting in the Waiting room area. I noticed a man in a blaze orange hunting cap, blaze orange vest, wool pants and sorel boots milling around the Nurses station. My first thought was “what is that patient doing behind the counter ?” He then walked out and said to me “I’m Doc Hoffmann, come on in.”

      1. Sharon,

        I’ll never forget that day either. I’ll never forget how instrumental you were in Jesse’s treatment either. All the very best to you.

  24. RIP dear friend. Now you can discuss politics and the Packers with God.Thanks for the friendship and the memories.


  25. A wonderfully knowledgable man, having diagnosed my cancer many years ago. Indeed, I will always remember how his care touched my life, as well as extending it these 24 years. For us to have known him, both professionally and personally, was a blessing by having his road in life cross ours.

  26. So sad for Dr. Hoffmann, his family and the Lyme community. It’s a blessing and comfort to learn that 3 people were there to recite the Divine Mercy Chaplet for him. What a fabulous gift you gave the heroic doctor. Blessings to you-

  27. It’s amazing how many people he’s helped and how many lives he’s changed. We met Dr. Hoffman about a year and half ago. He was highly recommended by the people in the Lyme Support group we have gone to. After meeting him, he said Mike you’re a complex case but I can help you. Every month on his phone follow up, he would listen to Mike’s symptoms and ask him questions to figure out what his next step was. He would always tell him, we’re going to beat this cell by cell. It’ll take time, but you’ll get there. He had such a kind soul and he will be truly missed. Prayers to his family, friends and the rest of the Lyme community.

  28. I first met Doc back in the 1970’s. He was starting medical school at the time. I met him via other friends at his famous Deer Camp. That year the blueberries on his property were abundant. We picked many buckets. We have been friends ever since. His office was wherever he was! Many who could not afford health care were taken care of by Doc. I’m sure he provided more free care then he ever got paid for. Doc stood up against the machine that is now our healthcare system. It has become a monster that is more interested in our money than our health. He truly was the last of the “Country Doctors”.

  29. Not long ago I asked Doc if he would be retiring soon. “I can’t,” he replied. I didn’t ask “Why not?” but knew–it wasn’t the money he was making, which he wasn’t, it was his commitment to his patients.

    We have lost a champion, a true prince of the people.

    Marina Andrews

  30. Thank you for rushing to his rescue and for praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet so near to his death, you have given him the gift of life everlasting with Jesus. Doc was my Lyme doctor for a few months, he was such a big teddy bear on the inside. God bless Dr. Hoffman and all of his thousands of patients. God bless you and your family for being heroes. ‘Jesus I trust in You!’

  31. I never met or went to DOC H; I sent his name out to folks for 12+ years to patients in midwest.

    DOC was CHEAPEST NATIONWIDE!! i know this since I included $$ as much as possible in what I’ve sent out all these years!

    When DOC received notice that charges were being filed against him, like our other ilads llmds, WISC/MINN. patients took action on letter-writing, endless phone calls, emails, twitters, etc.

    State stopped and NO action was taken on DOC.

    As one of the fundraisers, they were selling lyme green t-shirts with this on them:

    I SUPPORT MY LYME DOC showing his cowboy boots and cowboy hat he always wore! He was wearing them both when he passed away too.

    This is the ONLY lyme t-shirt I have and many people have complimented me on the saying for years!! It’s extra special now.

    RIP DOC HOFFMANN. Someday we’ll get to meet each other and reminisce.

    My heart aches for DOC’S FAMILY & his huge lyme/vector-borne family; GONE TOO SOON!! But think of all he will HEAL in HEAVEN with the other great healers who have gone before him. hugs/prayers to doc’s family.

    Betty Gordon,
    Ames, Iowa lyme activist/
    llmd coordinator of names, etc.

    1. Bettyg, you gave me the referral to Dr. H and I sent 3 others to him, including my brother who was cured of lyme by him (he only had it 5 months before dx). My brother only had to see him twice in 3 years, each visit just costing under $200. My son saw him and I could see what a good heart this man had. Just an incredible human being. I am devastated to hear this news.

      Prayers for his family and loved ones and patients who loved him dearly.

      Rachel (aka Ocean from LN)

    2. Do you know of any other lyme literate doctors in Wisconsin? Or anyone who would be willing to take on Doc’s patients?

  32. This news just devastates me! I am so shocked to hear the news of Doc ‘s passing. I often say he saved my life, as he was the only doctor who would truly listen when other doctors tried to quickly rush you out the door without a diagnoses. I suffered with Lyme for years before I finally went to see Doc Hoffman in ER. I don’t know where I would be w/o him. He would even treat me while living out of state. We had more than one phone visit and i would go see him while visiting my boys in WI. He was the most caring and compassionate person I have ever known in the medical field. I just can’t find the right words to express how much this man will be missed. He has done so much, for so many, the void will be huge. May he forever rest in peace, Lyme free. Thank you Doc Hoffman, from the bottom of my heart. Prayers to his family and friends. Such a huge loss for us all!!

  33. Dr Hoffmann was truly a brilliant, caring man in his field! By the time I reached him, he was no longer taking on new patients but he called me a weak later and told me to come see him. This was the first time in my 6 year journey of being deathly ill, that I had a new found hope! I would pack up my car, grab my sister or hub and and drive 6 hours to see him. We would make a trip out of it renting a lake house and do some fishing. He always told me, fishing was the best therapy! I can remember arriving for an appointment full of Lyme rage. He took me under his wing, told me, we’ll be ok that we just need to go out on my deck and feed my animals! Pretty soon, the ducks/squirrels/and birds started to arrive, eating right out of our hands. I was hooked at this point. I knew I found a keeper. A Dr that treated me with the upmost respect and he never ever made me feel foolish or stupid with the crazy info I was telling him… he actually pulled down a few text books he had and was able to diagnose my Acradermatitis Chronica Atrophecians – ACA. No other doc was able to figure it out! He explained how dangerous it can be then he when my Lyme has gotten to this point. He pulled down his Physician Desk Reference and came up with a protocol immediately. I knew then that I was in great hands!!

    Dr H, my 💚 Is breaking right now, along with so many others in our community. You are definely a godsend and I know the good lord has special plans for you up there. Your journey is far from over….RIP Doc

  34. Saint Medical Doctor John Gregory Hoffman-One of the 2 Greatest men we have and ever will have the Honor of knowing and Loving.He saved our lives and at least 10’s of thousands of others.Helped everyone for minimal money or often free.Brutally Attacked,as most or all LLMD’s are-now at Peace.He always told us he believed in a Heavenly Reward and allowed us to physically Lay Hands on him and Bless him.The kindest compassionate warrior and a Good and Great man at every level in every way-and so Cool.And so down to earth.No Pride like almost every other Dr.He was as “normal” a guy as you could meet.When we first met him in 2004 after my being sick 10 years and my wife for 30,we spent the night at a Motel in Eagle River.At the motel,local stores,restaurants-everywhere we went people told us stories of how he had saved them or family members.Often non-Lyme related.People would call him or see him and describe symptoms and he would know what to do after several or teams of other MD’s had misdiagnosed them.He delivered babies and was a surgeon.He was Truly Beloved by so many they would be countless almost.My understanding was that he treated 10’s of 1,000’s of families just for Lyme and co-infections.One of the Greatest Spiritual and Intellectual Warriors in the world-a Great Saint has been taken from us,a great friend,a lot or maybe all of us felt like he was family.His Reward in Heaven is Immense-He gave us his All-at great personal sacrifice.Saint John Gregory Hoffmann-Patron Saint of those suffering from Lyme.Pray for us!

  35. Saint Medical Doctor John Gregory Hoffman-One of the 2 Greatest men we have and ever will have the Honor of knowing and Loving.He saved our lives and at least 10’s of thousands of others.Helped everyone for minimal money or often free.Brutally Attacked,as most or all LLMD’s are-now at Peace.He always told us he believed in a Heavenly Reward and allowed us to physically Lay Hands on him and Bless him.The kindest compassionate warrior and a Good and Great man at every level in every way-and so Cool.And so down to earth.No Pride like almost every other Dr.He was as “normal” a guy as you could meet.When we first met him in 2004 after my being sick 10 years and my wife for 30,we spent the night at a Motel in Eagle River.At the motel,local stores,restaurants-everywhere we went people told us stories of how he had saved them or family members.Often non-Lyme related.People would call him or see him and describe symptoms and he would know what to do after several or teams of other MD’s had misdiagnosed them.He delivered babies and was a surgeon.He was Truly Beloved by so many they would be countless almost.My understanding was that he treated 10’s of 1,000’s of families just for Lyme and co-infections.One of the Greatest Spiritual and Intellectual Warriors in the world-a Great Saint has been taken from us,a great friend,a lot or maybe all of us felt like he was family.His Reward in Heaven is Immense-He gave us his All-at great personal sacrifice.Saint John Gregory Hoffmann-Patron Saint of those suffering from Lyme.Pray for us!

  36. The good Lord broke the mold with ‘Doc”. He was a trail blazer in the medical field and was known to do to the best of his ability for his patients when others had given up. He listened, he was considerate, and very humble. We are saddened with his death, and will miss him, but we’re so blessed to have had him in our life.
    I know he treated at least three generations in my family. Some one referred to his “kick ass” attitude, but that’s what made him the friend, confidant, and outstanding doctor he was. No one is going to be able to fill those cowboy boots!!!
    Doc, you will be missed. May you have eternal life in heaven. Rest in peace.

  37. Dr. Hoffman was loved by a great number of people in Eagle River, where he spent a great many years. We missed him terribly to this day. He was a surourb diognosticisn and a good and caring man. We love you Doc. Peace and love be with you.

    Mary C Mettelka

  38. Kevin K and family…..

    From all of us a huge thank you that our beloved “Doc” had such wonderful people trying to help him and for your prayers over him. It does help to know that he was not alone….thank you for giving us all comfort.

  39. Will miss Doc greatly others said that’s it nothing else can be done live with it..Not Doc he said we`ll keep after it. RIP Doc God has a great angel with him now

  40. My 3 children and I were patients of Dr. Hoffmann. Since we live in Illinois, we always made a vacation out of our visits to him since we drove over 5 hours one way to see him. He was the only doctor they liked. He was like a tick borne disease sharp-shooter and knew exactly how to treat and for how long. His death is a terrible loss to the Lyme Disease Community. When he was in trouble, I wrote to the Wisconsin State medical board because without him, people were going to be in trouble. God help us now. He told me that he started treating Lyme before it was even called Lyme Disease. We have lost a one of a kind physician and we are all the better for knowing him. One last thank you Doc. Rest in Peace Dr. Hoffmann.

  41. I don’t know where to start to say good by to my friend. Doc tested me I’m gonna say 30 years ago for Lyme’s. Didn’t know anything about it, but I learned allot and fast. He was a great friend and a doctor beyond belief. One of my best memories was during a super bowl game he had up and l left to help a patient. Enough said. Doc I’ll miss u and I’ll always remember your kindness for the people you took care of. 😧

  42. Reading through all the comments. I hope soon our community can form a Lyme disease support group. Truly we would all understand and support eachother.

    1. I Think Doc would like this more than anything. His work continuing thru those he has helped, brilliant idea! We can learn so much from each other, where do we sign up.

  43. I am like all Doc patients , grateful for knowing and having him for a Doc. Others have said nothing else can be done live with it, Doc never gave up..I will miss him very much. God has taken a good angel home RIP in peace Doc

  44. I started treatment with Doc 6 months ago for the second time. I was making good progress this time. He encouraged me to keep pushing through the really rough stuff. I had hope again. It was only because of his generous spirit that I could do this again. I hope he knows how loved and appreciated he is and was. Doc was one of a kind without​ a doubt. He will be missed.


    1. Would you be willing to share with me what you learned and how he was treating you. I wanted to see him but never got that chance

  45. I went to Doc for four years. He not only treated me but my husband, granddaughter, father, sister and nephew. I thank God everyday for bringing this wonderful Doctor into our lives. Without Doc’s diagnosis and treatments I would’ve lost some family members to Lyme disease. Thank-you Doc Hoffman we will miss you..RIP

    Paula Warner

  46. Being Doc’s Nurse in Eagle River for 5 years, I have seen first hand the compassion he had for his patient’s. He treated everyone he could, and if you didn’t have an appointment, he would “squeeze ” you in between patients. He never turned anyone away! Not only was he my boss, he was my dearest friend, when we both left Eagle River for other adventures, he always had time for a phone call, or quick conversation. I n my current role as a Home Health RN, taking care of Doc’s Eagle River Lyme patient’s became a regular part of my job, and one of my favorites! I will miss him terribly, he was truly an Angel in a Cowboy hat!

  47. Doc Hoffmann was the best. He was my doctor for my 2nd pregnancy. I loved that he was so laid back and kind. He always walked into the room in his cowboy boots and even delivered my daughter in them. He will be greatly missed.

  48. I know in the coming days and weeks there will be a lot of accolades about a very special person to myself and many other people. I’m writing this for me. Dr John Gregory Hoffmann died during surgery following a vehicle accident Sunday evening. Without him coming into my life there’s a good chance i would never have gotten to see my daughters grow into beautiful women, i can’t see myself surviving to enjoy these last 9 years of Laura Moore- Marsh’s and my large families, I never would have gotten to see the three miracles that are my Grandchildren. When 40+ doctors were either concerned but clueless, or pompous and condescending Doc took one look at me and said I was loaded with TBA’s and he thought we could make things better. From the day I met him I started to recover to where I am today. I would hear that he couldn’t take any new patients but I would refer people to him any how and they always got to see him within a couple of weeks. He was a man that truly had his peoples well being first and foremost in his heart. I was lucky to have talked to him in the last couple of weeks and I will never forget what he did for me concerning those calls. He would be embarrassed by me saying it, but he was the sweetest, most caring doctor I have ever known. They say that Lyme is the invisible disease and people have trouble understanding it because there are times when you look healthy but you really aren’t, he understood every aspect of this bullshit disease. I will forever be grateful for saving my life and helping Laura and many of my friends get back on track with their lives. I cried today, there are a lot of heavy hearts right now but I hope some day to hunt and fish with you in heaven. Doc and tell stories around the campfire until we see the sunrise.
    Rest In Peace My Friend,

  49. This man saved my life. I was so bad when I had Lyme. He turned me around. Something the Mayo Clinic could not do. So sad upon hearing this.

    1. Ditto!!!
      Mayo clinic was a joke.
      I lived 20 minutes from Mayo when I was sick; they sent me home saying it was stress even though my legs would colapse underneath me along with the sea of other typical tick toxin symptoms.
      I sought out a local lyme support group and was told dont waste your time at Mayo. But I was able to get a lead …1st step: contact Mike in WI – lyme support group! Mike talked highly of a country doctor named John Hoffman.
      YES, he saved my life….May the perpetual lite shine upon John.

  50. Extremely heartbroken this evening in Illinois. For all of us that drove hours to see first a genuine man then a genuine “Doc”. The last time we saw Doc his lyme had come back with a vengeance and we were so worried about this man that though he could barely walk himself was at the office because of all of us. Tears tonight as we have lost one of the few great physicians that really knew what it meant to care for his patients. “Doc” you can never be replaced. Your memory will live on in all of us that loved you so much.

  51. I knew him well. I worked for him a short time in Eagle River, WI at his clinic there and saw first hand how amazing he was. He treated me for Lymes years later. I knew right where to go even though I had to drive over two hours to get to his new clinic after he left Eagle River. He wasn’t just my doctor he was a great friend. I am beyond sad today. No one will ever fill the void he will leave in my life. Please lord take care of him as well as he did so many here.

    Cyndy Bueschel
    I will miss you Doc

  52. I have only been with the doc since March of this year. But he did so much for me in that short time that he will always be a part of my life. I will forever be grateful for giving me a chance to regain my life back. Before I found him I was loosing a battle that I didn’t quit understand and now I’m fighting to get better. My heart goes out to his family, his co-workers, and everyone that doctor Hoffman has helped.

  53. Dr. Hoffman successfully treated me for Lyme about 18 years ago. He was the best doctor I ever had. Devastated by this. Wonder how much effect the recurrence of Lyme had on the accident. For several years, I could not drive more than a mile or two without falling asleep at the wheel. Iit has only been during the last few years that I could drive for more than 2-3 hours at a time. I’m so grateful for this man and his dedication to his patients.

  54. Completely in shock …..what an amazing doctor he was.Rest in peace doc….you will truly be missed!!!!!!

  55. I did not know Dr Hoffmann but know of others that did. The shock and sadness that is being felt by the Midwest Lyme community is incredibly deep and painfully heartfelt. Prayers for his family all who knew and loved him. This is surely a loss that is irreplaceable. We can only hope that his spirit will be sending us all angels to remind us to carry and fight on. RIP Dr Hoffman and thank you for your compassion and dedication to your patients.

  56. Dr. Hoffman was my families doctor from the time I was a baby till I was about fifteen. He was a good friend of our family and a great man and doctor. RIP Dr. Hoffman.

  57. I am so sad at the passing of DOC! He had great compassion for people with many diseases. He treated me with more kindness, compassion, and understanding than any human being ever has! I have often thought of him and now will miss him terribly! Rest In Peace in the Lords hands my friend.

  58. When I saw this, I was just sick! I literally cried. Then I went back through photos, found one from Jan 1999, Dave, “Doc” and DOC Hoffman. Doc gave me a black lab puppy, hence the dogs name Doc. We had Dr. Hoffman up here in Eagle River, and have known him for over 25 years. Best Dr. Around, anywhere! Kind, caring, compassionate, understanding, BUT most of all, FRIEND! One hell-of-a LAID BACK COWBOY. You will be dearly missed by sooooo many people who LOVED YOU DOC.

  59. Would have loved to have had the opportunity to taken my beloved daughter to him. So sad his death by the very disease he gave his life’s work helping so many. RIP.

  60. My heart is broken that Doc Passsd. He is the only one that would help my husband after 2 bigger clinics said he didn’t have lymes after a positive negative test. He said there is no such thing as a positive negative test! My husband was never treated for lymes but they said he didn’t have. Doc was the only one that wanted to help my husband and said if if I hadn’t of found him and started treatment he would have died. My husband was sleeping ALL the time. Muscle aches and pains, numbing in the fingers and feet, unbalanced walking (equilibrium) and many other symptoms! I hope and pray that another Dr will take his patients because without his treatments I’m afraid I will lose my husband of 30 yrs. what other Doc will care about the patient and not the money? Love you Doc for the month you treated my husband! You are a true compassionate Doc and I am sure you are in heaven telling God you weren’t done yet but he has a plan and we will be ok. Rip❤️

  61. Doc was a Great man! He made house calls to my parents house and treat my dad. He was my Dr. As well and a friend. I have many great memories of him. They don’tmake em like him anymore. Thoughts and prayers for his family
    God Bless Doc, hope you and dad are having a drink up there 💔😥

  62. 12 years ago I had a lump in my neck, I had 2 needle Biopsies 3 weeks apart both came back negative Doc said the tests were BS something wasn’t right. Had Doc believed the test results the cancer would have taken me in 6 months, he saved my life. He told me he was getting out, “They won’t let you be a Doctor anymore” Doc couldn’t get out, he loved helping people too much the world has lost a Great Doctor and a wonderful man.
    God’s Speed Doc

    Dave Bricco

  63. He was my Doctor, I just saw him last Month . I am very sad to hear of his passing . He was so caring , I am in tears . 🙏🏻💚

  64. Dr. Hoffmann didn’t manage to put me in remission from Lyme, but he maintained me. I have a case of lyme that wasn’t even diagnosed until several decades after I aquired it. I also have several co-infections. In short, I have one of the least responsive cases of lyme that one can have. But he didn’t give up on me. He continued to do what was within his power to keep me upright and walking. I owe the abilities that I do have to his care and treatment. He was a very kind, gentle and thoughtful man. His loss will leave a great void in Wisconsin in terms of care for lyme patients. He will be missed greatly by many. RIP Doc. jw

  65. Doc, You will always be in my heart. After all the trials of this life I am sure your reward in heaven will be kingly. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t give thanks to you. There’s no way to put into words the loss I feel. Thank you sir, for being the best Dr, friend, and human being I’ve ever met.

  66. Doc – you were an amazing Healer and you gave me my life back. Your unorthodox, kick-ass approach to medicine made me love you more. You are a hero who will always be loved. I know you’re having fun and kicking ass upstairs in heaven. You are one of a kind and we loved you.

  67. So sad and shocking. He sure helped me many years ago when no one else seemed to be helping. He took the feeling of knives stabbing my legs.
    Yes, now where will be people go?

  68. God Bless you Dr. H and grant you rest after a life of service to so many. Surely the angles have come to greet you and the gates of Heaven swung wide open…. RIP……

    1. Well said Jason, the gates need to open fully for such a wonderful soul to pass through. You’ll be so missed here on earth. Run, hunt, fish free of pain . R.I.P. Doc, until we meet again, Dave & I will greatly miss you😇🙏🏻

  69. Dr. Hoffman treated me as well. I came in one day in tears. He took me in on the spot. Truly amazing and caring man.


  70. So sadden to hear the news, Doc treated me and my son. He is one of a kind. Most compassionate doctor I have ever met. My son called him The Cowboy Sheriff Doctor. His patients adored him, have the utmost respect and appreciation. RIP Doc, you’ll be missed by thousands.

    Kelly Merriman

  71. He cared so much for others even at his own expense. We would joke about him taking time for himself and he would laugh… just look up and give me that look. I promised to take him fishing, he promised to go. When it didn’t happen we laughed because we both knew that he had other more important things going on in his life. It was his life’s mission to help others, to go where others dared not go, to take each individual and treat them as if they were his only patient. He will be sorely missed by so many. I can only say that I’m grateful to have had him in my life, I’m grateful to that man for treating me after so many others wouldn’t or couldn’t; I am grateful that he never gave up on me….I am here because of him and will always be thankful that God put him in my path.

  72. I went to Dr Hoffmann for three years. Not only did he treat me, but he treated my ex husband, my mom, my aunt, her brother and my dog. Yes, my dog. Dr H would of done anything for anyone and was of the few Lyme Drs that was affordable. I never even paid more then $100 for appointments and as long as they would let him, he even took my medicare and medicaid. He was a very caring individual. He was a humanitarian that would do anything for anyone.

    Lisa Hilton

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