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Dr. Joseph Burrascano is under investigation

From Lymenet:
July 2000
Dr. Joseph Burrascano is under investigation by the New York State Office of Professional Dr BurrascanoMedical Conduct (OPMC). He is a pioneer and leader in aggressive treatment methods for Lyme Disease patients continuing to suffer symptoms from the disease. Respected medical journals (e.g. Conn’s Current Therapy) have published his protocols and his guidelines can be found on the LymeNet website.

As part of the investigation, he was interviewed on July 2. Patient files were removed from his office and will be searched for evidence of “unprofessional conduct.” By law, the charges brought against a physician are not specified. In New York, the law authorizes the OPMC to use the original complaint to gain access to the physician’s charts, but the final charges may not be the same as the original complaint. In other words, they can use anything they find, even if totally unrelated to the original complaint. Keep Reading Here

NEWS ARTICLE from NEWSWEEK, 11-6-00, (Nov. 13 issue), By David France

“A War Over Lyme Disease”

The debate about how to treat this illness has patients raging and doctors losing their licenses

A few days before Halloween, a popular Long Island, N.Y., Lyme-disease specialist named Joseph Burrascano entered a state Health Department hearing room where one of medicine’s rancorous academic disputes will be played out: how much antibiotics is too much when treating Lyme?

Lyme Doctors Rally Behind A Colleague Under Inquiry
Published: November 10, 2000

A group of doctors who treat Lyme disease and about 400 patients with the disease accused medical boards in several states yesterday of violating doctors’ rights to treat the illness in ways they believe are necessary and scientifically valid. They singled out a current unprofessional-conduct hearing against a New York doctor as the latest example.

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  1. Our family of 6 HAD Lyme Disease, Bartonella, and Babesia.
    It is the 82% Eugenol that invades the Biofilms and the tiny Molecular Structure that crosses in the Blood Brain Barrier

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