Dr Phil Show about Lyme Disease will air on…

Brooke Landau, Emmy Award Winning Weathercaster with the CW Network in San Diego will appear on the Dr. Phil Show on Friday, April 13th. Brooke shares her 17 battle with Lyme Disease. One which some doctors have called, the worst documented case in the country. Brooke went to bed fine one day, and woke up paralyzed. She overcame that battle and today she continues to fight and survive. Brooke’s survival story has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox News, ABC, Discovery Health, Mystery ER, CW Network…and now the Dr. Phil Show. Brooke says she continues to speak out for those you can’t.
LLMD, Dr. Chitra Bhakta will also be on the show. Thank you to both of you brave women!
Here is the Link to Email the Dr. Phil Show to show your support for his show on Lyme Disease with Brooke Landau and LLMD, Dr. Chitra Bhakta.

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  1. I just finished watching the video feeds of the Dr. Phil show about Lyme Disease. Ironically the day it aired I had to leave work after a half day because of chronic pain in my ribcage, later diagnosed and treated as a pinched nerve in my back. This resulted in four weeks off with an anti-inflammatory, only to be “fixed” by a painful shot of cortisone in my ribcage.

    I’m contacting you, because of a Godsend named Denise Reickoff Martin, a nurse, and proactive mother addressing chronic Lyme disease. She was __________ {the short term memory loss will NOT let me think of the word I’m looking for[Where the hell did they hide the Thesaurus?]}She was on the front page of the May 17th edition of the Urbana Daily Citizen Newspaper (Urbana, OH). Her interview has given me new hope and strength. This woman returned a call from a complete stranger, talked to me for over an hour, giving web and fb sites, sharing her experience with the “I don’t believe in Lyme Disease” dr’s, and has encouraged me to be diligent to get a diagnosis.

    Four years ago (2008) my family dr treated me for a fungal disease from a tick bite. After the antibiotic treatment, I could not get him to understand that I was still ill. Every visit I would try again to no avail.

    Two year later (2010), I changed to a new family dr, in hopes I would find a dr that would believe that I was sick from an old tick bite. I like my present dr. He shows real concern, and believes I am sick, but not with Lyme disease. He has explained off symptoms of numbness below the tick bite as a damaged nerve; numbness in my hands as corporal tunnel; shakes as anxiety (treated with Xanax that I don’t take much cause it don’t help); arthritis in my right knee is just old age; chronic pain in muscles as pinched nerves……etc. He has explained off everything, and treats everything as a separate condition.

    Saturday, Mother’s Day, I fell off a 5′ seawall onto the concrete below. I had no symptoms of dizziness, no warning at all. I have no memory of going down (unlike the previous two falls that week. I at least had some time to react to them.) Tuesday, May 15th, I was admitted to the hospital for possible stroke with symptoms of: Weakness on the right side, including very slight Bell’s Palsy, heart palpitations, short term memory loss, lack of concentration/strugling for words, numbness in fingers, episodes of dizziness. Yesterday I was released from the hospital diagnosed with a “clinical stroke”. My family dr says I have had a stroke but he can’t prove it. The hospital neurologist (who didn’t seem to have a bedside manner-good or bad either way) says I didn’t have a stroke because a CT scan, MRI, EKG, ECG, and Carotid ultrasound did not show a stroke, or possible causes for one.

    I did call the neurologist from the hospital, and he agreed to see me in his office on Thursday, May 31st. I’m hoping that I can convince him to test me for Lyme. (His receptionist informed me that this neurologist and my dr work closely together on a regular basis. Lucky for me, I think). My past experience has made me reluctant to get too hopeful. If he would at least check– either I have it and can start the appropriate treatment(s), or I don’t, and even then I can go to a professional for counseling.(No one likes to admit they have mental problems, but being tagged as “a mental case” would give me the hope of being cured COMPLETELY eventually.)

    I’m thankful that I have an understanding boss. She knows that I am suffering from stroke symptoms, including short term memory loss. She’s skeptical, but understands that I have to return to work per my dr’s orders. If I don’t , the last three weeks of disability pay and FMLA will be denied. I would be terminated from my job, and would have no money to pay the bills.

    This was not supposed to be all about me. I want to recognize the unsung angels like, Denise Martin for educating people about Lyme disease (her timing was a miracle-the article ran the day before I was released from the hospital); Kathy Weaver (my boss) for being so understanding; and my “I don’t believe in Lyme disease” dr, because he does show real concern and doesn’t treat me like it’s “all in my head”.
    I can only pray the neurologist (Dr. Sullivan) will be added my list of Godsends.

  2. Thanks Dr Phil and his staff for bringing Lyme Disease and other co infections to a national audience. I am in my mid thirties with a young family and my life has been totally turned turned upside down. I was as healthy as they come 3 years ago and now I can barely function. I went to 35 specialist around the country and every doctor said I was fine and my problems were probably stress related. I have had so many tests done and spent so much money on trying to find what was making me so sick. I had 3-4 negative Lyme tests before I had my first positive test 3 months ago. I am also co infected with 3 other infections. Most of my symptoms are Neurological (constant lightheadness, dizziness, migraines, vision problems, neck pain, and a handful of CNS symptoms throughout my body. I had all the evidence for a proper diagnosis but unfortunely Dr’s rely on test results only. If I had to stress one thing, LYME TESTS ARE NOT ACCURATE. and Please give credit to all the Lyme Drs (LLMDs) who are battling this disease one case at a time with no support from their peers (i.e. medical boards). Thanks Dr Phil.

  3. Are these comments actually going to the Dr. Phil site? If not, is there a way that they could? to make sure he (or his staff) sees them?

  4. I’ve been sick for 14 years. Homebound and sadly now mostly bedbound. Torture. After three years of being told Lyme doesn’t exist in my state in New England (even though my dog was diagnosed with Lyme by the vet!!) I asked to be tested and turned up positive for lyme and all the co-infections. Found a ILADS Md and pounded myself with antibiotics and anti-malarials and herbs for 4 years and only got sicker. I have tried lots of alternatives, do research on my own and after some genetics tests found I cannot detox properly so am just recycling all the biotoxins. I have recently read about Dr Bhakta and she is one of those rare doctors who considers detox problems and if her knowledge was more readily accepted so many more people could be spared great suffering. Thank you Dr Phil.

  5. Thank you so much for doing this show. I was misdiagnosed for 8 years and was finally diagnosed last year. I even had five unnecessary spinal fusions in my neck before I was diagnosed. Now my husband and 15 year old son have been correctly diagnosed as well since I now know the symptoms. THANK YOU DR PHIL!!!!!!! The Gibson Family!

  6. On Dr. Phil’s website under “Shows This Week”, it says that Lyme disease hits close to home with one of Dr. Phil’s staffers. Maybe this is why Dr. Phil took an interest in the topic. Unfortunately, as more people become infected and diagnosed, it will hit more people close to home. Fortunately, maybe something will finally be done.

  7. Dear Dr. Phil:

    I think it is great you are broadcasting this controversial medical topic. Our 12 year old daughter was bitten by a tick in September of 2009. It took us 8+ months, 9 MD’s, 2 Children’s Hospital’s before we started to learn about the controversy and find a Lyme literate medical doctor.

    The “top” pediatric IDSA MD in Hartford had stated “I know Lyme and your daugher doesn’t have Lyme Disease”. It was after this appointment I started to research Lyme and learn about the controversy.

    It’s amazing there is a controversy to this insidious disease and I’ve found it easiest to show a couple of u tube video’s on the controversy.



    If you watch this video you can see some of the miss diagnosis.



    The controvery started back in the late 1980’s after the diagnosis criteria was symptoms with a Western Blot band 41 reading (41 indicative of the flagell of a spirochete but not specifically lyme).

    By 1993 the CDC felt the disease was being over diagnosed and over treated and the IDSA was concerned about the long course treatments being prescribed. In 1994 the CDC established a strict surveliance standard requiring either direct culture (all admit this is difficult as the borrelia does not culture well and the medium is expensive), the EM rash or a two tier serolicical screening (Elisa followed by Western Blot). In 2000 the IDSA established standard of care treatment guidelines tightening the two tier even further.

    The IDSA believes there is or should be no controversy as they insist there is no “persistent” infection. Any sympoms after treatment are either psychosomatic or a post auto immune response. The IDSA will point to the Kempler NIH research trial but if one actually reads the underlying facts, not the conclusions but the underlying facts, different conclusions can be drawn.

    Slowly as the tick population increases (unbelievable here in CT) and expands with more become sick from TBD’s that go undiagnosed the IDSA will be proven wrong. Unfortunately it may take 10 more years and thousands (yes, thousands) go through life just trying to survive. Many don’t know they have Lyme or one of the co infections.

    Thanks for allowing this post.

  8. Dr. Phil, thank you SO much for being brave enough to talk about Chronic Lyme disease on your show!

    I’m a former scientist, now on long-term disability leave due to Lyme. I used to support a NASA mission, but due to cognitive difficulties, extreme fatigue, and memory loss, I lost my dream job.

    This story MUST be told…. the public must become aware of the many people who have been disabled and even those who have died, waiting for proper diagnosis of Lyme disease. Instead they’ve been told they have lupus, MS, RA, ALS….anything but Lyme.

    What is standing in the way of proper diagnosis? Only he IDSA’s unscientific guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease! The IDSA has blood on their hands….

    Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  9. I am 42 and have been battling 2 tick borne diseases for 25+ years, questioning if I was born with it as well, I believe my mother has it. I gave it to my daughter who is now 14. I was not diagnosed until 2009 and have been battling the disease since. I lost my job, have spent $30,000 so far because my insurance will not pay for doctor out of network and will not pay for most of the tests and treatment necessary to cure it. Savings is gone and I still have to get my daughter treated, just suspected she had it a few weeks ago after doing more research into the many different symptoms. It is so sad that unsuspecting mothers are passing it on to their children then wondering why their child is sick and tired all the time only to have doctors tell them they can find a reason. My child has suffered her entire life, I didn’t know because the public is not made aware. Doctors have no excuse for their lack of knowledge about this devastating disease . The CDC should have to answer for dropping the ball on this one.

  10. I am a forty-six year old male i have lyme and all co infections since i was eight. I was diagnosed with encephalitis and meningitis then but no lyme diagnosis. Have trampled through the health care system for years being lied to by doctors and being told i am making this up. Got my positive titers for long term lyme and co infections at forty-five.
    My wife has positive titers but is not active, my three kids have positive titers and are active infection, they have never been bitten by a tick, I gave it to them through my semen…..Try living with that….
    Dr Phil please do an honest story for all of us, i have seven members in my family who have these disease, not counting family members who have died from this. I have had four bites one from Iowa, Virginia, California, and the last in Oregon, THIS DISEASE IS EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD….
    We need your help , STAND UP TO THE LIES PLEASE…….signed lyme man for life……

  11. I was bitten by a common wood tick in May of 2006 in Montana. I developed the EM rash within days of the bite and became very sick. Every time I went to the doctor I was told I could not possibly have lyme disease because Montana is not in the “lyme zone” and the wood tick does not carry it. I had not left the state to be infected elsewhere. In 2010 I tested CDC positive for Borellia, Babesia Duncani and Ehrlichia. Lyme is not one infection. It is a cocktail of deadly pathogens.

    I have to travel 1000 miles for treatment so getting well is costly and exhausting. Recently I went to another local doctor in hopes that this time someone might listen. I was told my test results indicated I have a chronic infection. However, the doctor said, as there is no Lyme Disease in the state of Montana, he “does not see it”. I said you do not see it because you do not believe it is here. He hurried me out of his office, telling to go somewhere else. Where?

    So I wrote the CDC. Why don’t they know Lyme Disease is in Montana when Rocky Mountain Lab (where the spirochette that causes it was discovered), is studying it? The CDC wrote back informing me I could not have possibly gotten lyme disease in Montana. It does not exist here and it is not carried by wood ticks. I wrote back and told them in 2003, the state of Montana collected 345 ticks that had bitten people. 6 of those people developed the EM rash which is conclusive of Lyme Disease. As the CDC says only 50% of people that are transmitted the pathogen causing lyme actually get the rash, then it is safe to estimate that 12 of those 345 people actually acquired Lyme Disease. That would mean one out of 30 people bitten by a tick in the state of Montana has Lyme Disease. It is not rare and it is clearly here.

    Meanwhile people are literally dying. They are being misdiagnosed with other diseases and conditions; everything from chronic fatigue to MS and ALS. When they are misdiagnosed with auto immune diseases like RA, they are put on steroids which weakens their immune systems and sends the disease into overdrive. After this, sometimes they can never recover.

    This is more than a nightmare. It is a crime against humanity.

  12. I am a victim of Lyme Disease also. I am also on the Ulster County Lyme Disease Comittee in Kington N.Y. I have battled this disease for 4 years now. My story is much the same as many who are traveling the hell road! I was misdiagnosed for 2 years. I saw 14 specialist….hospialiised 6 times in 4 different places …..,had several ambulatory rides to the ER and Tolstoy each time that that I DID NOT HaVE LYME! I had 3 spinal TAPS and 6 negative Lyme tests before I finally was diagnosed with this horrible disease. I lost my job and nearly lost my home due to the disabling effects that I encountered from Lyme. I had 56 of the over 100 symptoms that is associated with Lyme. I was poked and scanned and given several different diagnosis such as Lupus, MS , CFS, Fibromyalgia, Transverse Myalgia….and so on. I was also told that I was suffering from Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome because I had just had a house fire that nearly took my families lives. I finally and a positive Lyme test that proved that I had the disease. I under went 18 months of I.V. antibiotics . I started to regain my health very slowly. I did a lot of alternative methods of healing combined with the antibiotics. I am very grateful to be as well as I am right now. But as good as I am… I still suffer the residual effects of Lyme and sone of the co infections I have. This disease is a nightmare! The works needs to learn what is happening to us! The hush hush has to stop! Why is there so amby people suffering? Why is this being kept a BIG SECRET? The mainstream medical doctors DO NOT KNOW HoW TO TREAT LYME!,,,,,,,,,,, There needs to be more research! This has surpassed the AIDS epidemic! People have Lyme that don’t even know they have Lyme because the doctors are not educated enough about it to diagnose it properly and then when it is diagnosed the CDC tells the doctors how they are to treat it the WRONG WAY! Please do a story Dr. Phil …..,we need you ! Watch the documentary entitled “Under Our Skin” to learn the truth!!!!!

  13. My grandaughter has Lyme and its chronic…she is on the PICC line..we are doing a fund raiser to raise the money to help pay for her treatments..because the insurance companies won’t pay..my neice is 12 and they have nmo money so she sits at home while her parents are trying to find a way to start paying for her treatment..right now she can’t walk and its going to her brain..a doctor gave her pain pills..this is the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen and they are being robbed of so much of their lives..because they can’t get help that they need..and told they are crazy and living in horrible pain..
    Congressman Chris Gibson is holding a forum at Skidmore College on May 21st..Doctors from all over the world are coming to learn and study..also some doctors that know how to treat this and treat it aggressively to cure people ..please write his office and tell him your story he has become our voice..also Write Doctor Phil…lots of little voices become a big voice..There is a Bill right now before the house and the senate..to make infectious Diseases redo their guidelines and the way this horrific disease is dealt with..call y our Senators and Congressmen and ask they to vote for these bills…

  14. The world needs to be made aware of lyme. It is REAL-it is not in our “heads” like we are told by doctors! This disease is getting misdiagnosed as other things. Doctors need to learn how to diagnose and treat it properly. Lyme needs to be diagnosed early! Lyme needs media attention! Too many people are suffering!

  15. Thank you, Dr. Phil from a long time lyme sufferer. I have written so many letters, and never get anywhere. As someone else mentioned, just one show is not enough. Our government and the CDC need to step up to the plate!!! Thank you!!!!

  16. My guess is the IDSA will lean on Dr. Phil not to air the show. Just like they succesfully did with PBS’s airing of Under Our Skin.

    Will he cave like the managers of local PBS stations. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  17. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Phil for being willing to do a show on Lyme disease and it’s co infections. My husband is suffering from lyme disease and it breaks my heart to see him in so much pain. He has been suffering from lyme disease for the past year and was only daignosed 6 months ago. We went to a dozen or more Drs. looking for answers before finding out that he had lyme disease. Every test came back normal, but it was obvious he was a very sick man. He lost 50 lbs in 5 months, and I was watching him die right in front of my face and didn’t know what to do!!

    Thankfully he is now being treated for lyme and co infections but has not made much improvement.
    We (the lyme community) desperately need the IDSA and CDC to change their guidelines about lyme disease and to recognize that CHRONIC LYME does indeed exist!!

    My husband had the tick bite, the flu like symptoms, the bulls eye rash…..he was treated with 15 days of antibiotics and got much better. We thought he was “good to go” !!! Then 7 months later, our world came crashing down around us, when he became very ill. If he had only gotten 3-4 months of antibiotics from the beginning, we would most likely not be dealing with CHRONIC LYME at this time.

    What will it take for the governing agencies to see that something has got to be done to improve both the testing for lyme disease, the guidelines for treating it, and the time and money to be invested in finding a cure for it??? Peoples lives are at stake here!!! People are DYING from lyme disease!!

    My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson syndrome, Multiple System Atrophy, because the Drs. didn’t know what else to call it. He has Lyme, that is mimicing the Parkinson like symptoms. How many others have been mis-diagnosed and could be getting the help that they need??!!

    We need HELP and this is a step in the right direction!! Making people AWARE of LYME!!


  18. DR. PHIL., BROOKE, AND DR. Bhakta .. whoopie; we can’t wait to hear this 1 hr. show!!

    Chronic lyme disease and vector-born, VB, diseases have been swept under the run for decades!

    I’ve had chronic lyme disease 42+ years; 35 yrs. being MISDIAGNOSED by 40-50 drs; UNACCEPTABLE!

    None ever mentioned this:

    * have you had a tick embedded?
    * have you had a BULLS-EYE RASH OR ANY TYPE OF RASH?
    * never mentioned the name LYME disease or co-infections ever!

    The tick that bite me came off my folk’s CUT christmas tree; yep; entire families have been bitten that way.

    Phil, we’d love to see a follow-up or 2 shows to this; it’s too big a topic with the 2 sides of treatment lyme; the LYME WAR of:

    ILADS, INTL. LYME AND ASSOCIATED DISEASE SOCIETY, our llmds, LYME LITERATE mds treating longer than 4 wks. of antibiotics, supplements, or alternative therapies

    IDSA, infectious disease society drs, aka, infectious drs. treating LESS than 4 wks. of antibiotics and you’re CURED! HOGWASH; you become chronic lyme which they do NOT believe in!

    there is also the political side in CONGRESS where the “medical community” lobbyist have paid NJ REP FRANK PALLONONE, sub-chair of health community over $500,000 for either 2-3 years straight NOT to put our lyme/vector-borne bills to be DISCUSSED/cussed on sub-committee agenda floor!

    our bills has been there 10-12 years now and can NOT even be put on the agenda so this will be out in the open and VOTED ON! why NOT? grrr.

    dr. phil, we look forward to this LONG AWAITED show.

    oprah and dr. oz would not do an entire HOUR devoted to this infectious disease that is covered up in the usa!


    BettyG, Iowa lyme activist
    online group leader

  19. Dr. Chitra Bhakta MD, ILADS and DAN Autism physician (Orange County, CA) is the doctor that was courageous enough to be on Dr. Phil. Her bravery is for all of us. Thank you Dr. Bhakta, Dr. Phil and Brooke for doing this for our cause.

  20. Dr. Burrescano is the authority to share his great knowledge on any “show ” about Lyme. As a Lyme sufferer for years, thank you for doing the show. Shonny

      1. Just today alone I had to sift through about 100 emails from all these spammers…its never ending, i almost have to remove the ability to comment because of it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to block spammers?

  21. How many people have to suffer with known Lyme Disease Symptoms before the NIH stands up and takes notice that the current testing yields many fase negatives? Insurance companies have protocols with margins for testing that do not address the diagnostic needs of these patients in order to get the treatments that may help them.

  22. Dr Phil,
    I have written to you many times in the past several years. My beautiful 1st born daughter, Shelia DeShazo has been struggling for several years with Chronic Lyme’s Disease. She has lost her home, car, her job & the man she was in love with & had planned to marry. She is almost bed-ridden. She is depressed as she has no money & no anwers. She has seen many doctors, had many tests to cofirm her Lyme. She would be so blessed to have you look into this illness that has almost taken her quality of life away. She is so sick & needs help. Please, Dr Phil, we love you & Robin. We watch your show every day. Congratulations on your beautiful grand-children. I know you & Robin are such awesome grand-parents. If you could just help us it would be God sent. Thank you so much!

  23. Dr. Phil, I can’t thank you enough for doing a show on Lyme Disease. I am a Registered Nurse and live in Arkansas where they say “no Lyme Disease exists”! Yet after 14 long months of refusing superficial treatment and determined to find the cause for the disease that was robbing me of my life, I found an angel.. A doctor that because of very personal and up close experience with this disease asked me to be tested for Lyme. In Feb of this year, I was officially diagnosed and finally had the answer for what was cauing my one athletic body to deteriorate before my eyes. Tonight, I am writing with a very heavy heart. I just left the local hospital visiting a dear friends granddaughter who is a teenager and is diagnosed with Lyme from this same caring and wise physician. She was CDC postive on the Western Blot, had ALL the symptoms (severe neurological) of Lyme and had gone through massive testing ruling out all other illness. After gradual improvement, she had an acute relapse which required hospitalization. At this hospital, the primary care physician does not treat once a patient is hospitlalized. their care is taken over by a hospitalist. What I witnessed first hand made me sick to my stomach and so angry. I had read about how people cannot get treatment and tonight I witness the hospitalist taking the very scared mother out into the hallway only to tell her that she and her doctor have been improperly treating her daughter and that she was very ill and they (internist and infectious disease doctor) recommend she take her to the Mayo Clinic. They refuse to acknowledge that Lyme Disease exists in Arkansas much less Chronic Lyme Diseases and they basically are telling the mother she has put her child at risk and they do not want to care for her. I saw it with my own eyes and am sick over it. It’s like HIV years ago. How many peoples lives have to be destroyed and how many people have to die before our government and CDC step up and acknowledge this disease? We desperately need media attention and publicity from people like yourslef who are NOT AFRAID to stand up and address this tragic disease. I can’t thank you enough. God bless you!

  24. To Whom It May Concern…

    I will believe it when I see it…
    Over the past several years, Oprah & Dr. Oz were both receiving thousands
    of emails in support of sharing the affects of the suffering from these tick-borne

    All we got were promises & FALSE HOPE!!!

  25. I will believe it when I see it…
    Over the past several years, Oprah & Dr. Oz were both receiving thousands
    of emails in support of sharing the affects of the suffering from these tick-borne

    All we got were promises & FALSE HOPE!!!

  26. I am so glad someone is FINALLY doing a show on the realities of Lyme. Thank you Dr. Phil! I hope the show will take an honest look at this insidious disease that robs people of their lives. I know–because my daughter has been dealing with Lyme for the last 4 years. Once she was diagnosed with Lyme, it was like entering the medical twilight zone. No one would treat her! Doctors from prestigious hospitals said all she needed was a “good counselor”. Mind you, this girl started her Freshman year of high school with all “A’s”–on the Varsity cross country team, and a VERY active volunteer. By the end of that year, she could not read, could not do simple math, had difficulty retaining new information, and could not attend school. She missed the whole next year of school. It took a while, but we found a Dr. that would treat her. Lyme and co-infections have robbed her of all that she loves.

    The medical community HAS to begin to recognize Chronic Lyme as a real threat. And, if they don’t want to do that, then come up with an explanation of what is going on–and why a normal, active, healthy teenager can suddenly not be able to do the things she did with ease before–not just explain it away as something a good counselor will take care of.

    So, we not only suffer the many losses chronic illness brings, but then we suffer unnecessary negative judgments from the medical profession that has little or NO understanding of the realities of this debilitating illness.

    We’ve had ups and downs throughout her 4 years of treatment. She is determined to graduate from high school this May, and would like to go into the medical field in one way shape or form, although it will depend on her health and abilities. But, I admire her courage and determination.

    Thank you again for shedding light on this unrecognized illness. I hope it brings greater awareness to all.

    1. We live in Alabama and we almost lost our (then 7 year old) son to Lyme and it’s coinfections. We were told by leading specialists in Infectious Disease, neurology, etc in some of the country’s leading hospitals (25 doctors in all) that it does not exist in the South and they would not test him. We, like most Lyme (borreliosis) victims, were told it’s “in his head” and he needed to see a psychiatrist to deal with the symptoms. We are still having difficulty finding any local or regional doctor see him about his Lyme realated symptoms (heart issues,etc) because he was diagnosed and is being treated for Lyme.

      If we had taken their advice he would not likely have lived to see his teen years and his exoistence would have been hellish. He spent his entire 8th year and has begun his 9th year of life indoors because of extreme photosensitivty and heart issues related to the disease.

      Then God led us to our amazing LLD 1,000 miles away. I know we are still on a long road to recovery; we would have never arrived here without persistence in defiance of the “mainstream” medical community and prayer.

      1. My teenage daughter also has Lyme, and we live in Alabama, too. She became ill in 2006 with a flu-like illness accompanied with a sunburn rash and tingling. The soles of her feet and hands proceeded to peel off completely a week later. She went to countless doctors and even Mayo clinic and went over 4 years without a diagnosis. Finally found a LLMD and got diagnosed. She is now doing a rigorous IV treatment and is coming up on her 6th Lyme anniversary.

        Hopefully, one day the medical community will recognize the gravity of this disease, and they will stop making this illness more miserable with their opposition. Awareness is key!

    2. I just want to say that your story and mine are very much the same. My daughter got sick in February of her freshman year. We’re still fighting the fight. It’s been 2 years since she was diagnosed, and 3 since she got sick. she is still sick and can barely get out of bed. Tens of thousands of dollars later and I don’t know the answer or how to get her well.

      She should be graduating this year, and may next if she can get well enough to go to school. Would love to connect and share success’s and our journey. Bless you. Being the mom of a teenager with Lyme is a rough journey. Best wishes!

      1. Our teenage has been sick since 2007 but was just diagnosed 8/29/2011.
        We have been going through tests and Dr.’s and it is crazy. ID docs didn’t even test for Lyme, we paid to send it to igenex and she was positive by IFA and IgM.
        Just today we are going back in to our primary care to beg her to put her back on meds. We can’t wait for another referral to go through to someone else that may or may not help her.
        She has lost a year of school and is no better. Why can’t we get the help we need especially since we live in an area where it is an epidemic?

          1. I am avalynn on lymenet–and avaj on md junction (lyme support group). I hope we can connect!

    3. Reading Ava’s story I felt it was me talking about my daughter. As a mom I do know what Ava’s is feeling as I to have a daughter with lyme. My daughter also has gone to doctor after doctor with very little help, due to them not understanding just what she was going thru. She has had her ups and down every single day. She has had to quit her job , because she could not work a full day without pain or discomfort of some kind. I took give admire my daughter and really hope that the medical field will recognize this illness and give all these people help. I really hope that the Doctor Phil show will educate people what Lyme is really all about.

  27. Yes Val~~it only takes one ripple for an entire pond to move. It’s time for that ripple! We have suffered long enough!!

  28. I am incredibly happy to see this kind of media exposure. It never ceases to amaze me how an endemic greater than HIV, West Nile Virus, and Avian Flu *combined* can be so thoroughly ignored by the medical community for so long. I’m ecstatic that a show with such a large and widespread audience is shining some much-needed light on this topic.

    1. “It never ceases to amaze me how an endemic greater than HIV, West Nile Virus, and Avian Flu *combined* can be so thoroughly ignored by the medical community for so long”

      Probably due to the fact that symptoms of Gulf War Illness (thousands in the VA system now with the symptoms) so closely resemble those of Lyme…which may be driving those numbers up. Someone would have a lot of ‘splainin to do. And those dr’s that are making the connection aint talking…or mysteriously die.

      I am a gulf era Veteran and have had numerous tick bites over the last several years. My symptoms read like the book. How am I to know which event is causing this? My life has been hell since 2008…and I am angry! Our government and medical community should be ashamed!!…but money talks and BS walks.

  29. Thank you thank you for letting us know about this show! Can’t wait to watch and for my friends and family to watch also. They don’t understand that I am fighting for my life!

  30. One of these days, those of us who have been disabled by Lyme will be heard, and we will be treated with respect.

    1. Val, a correction. You and untold thousands if not millions of people worldwide who suffer with persistent, chronic Lyme disease ARE respected by many of us who are fighting for fair and reasonable and effective treatment and more aggressive diagnoses. Sadly, there are many who do not respect you, and I know those are the experts, researchers, doctors and even lay people you are talking about. But, don’t forget, you do have people in your corner. You are in our thoughts and prayers. And we are fighting for you in the trenches, through newspaper editorials, letters to politicians and bureaucrats at local, state and national levels, and more. Keep the faith … !

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