Elisabeth “Lis” Heininger


September 29, 2014

“If Elisabeth “Lis” Heininger could have left one last message before she died, her loved ones say it would likely have been “never give up.”

“She never gave up,” said her husband, Andy Heininger of Corning. “She always kept going.”

Lis was a freshman in college when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Years later, she was also diagnosed with Lyme disease. With each diagnosis, Lis “did the best she could to be alive,” said her mother, Bonnie Hudson of Corning.”

~From the Article:  A Life Lived: Lis Heininger of Corning was a fighter

“Lis led many programs for disabled individuals such as horseback riding and water therapy as well as serving on numerous boards for these organizations. Moving back to Corning in 1999, Lis became the Director of the ECPDP at Corning Community College. She tested positive for the little known Lyme disease and began her crusade of public awareness of this debilitating disease and its’ devastating effects in our area. As Director of the Lyme Disease Association, Lis brought in speakers and distributed information about Lyme until she was physically unable to do so. She fought the disease although it was an uphill battle until the nasty spirochetes of Lyme took her away from us.”

~ From Legacy Obit

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