Elizabeth Wood

Elizabeth Wood

Elizabeth Wood

Rest in Peace Elizabeth.


From the LDUC:

Elizabeth Wood passed away of a stroke on March 12, 2014 with her husband, Lauren at her side.  Elizabeth was part of the LDUC and its Canadian leader.  She founded the Canadian Lyme and Associated Diseases/LDUC.  Funeral plans and Elizabeth life history to follow in a separate email.

Please send emails and cards of sympathy to her family at: lymemb@mymts.net; Box 598, Emerson, MB R0A 0L0 Canada.

Our hearts are broken over the loss of such a great Lyme disease leader.  She was such a dear friend to all of us, and was very important this last year for speaking out at the PAL meeting.  May she rest in peace with the angels.

Words from Donna MacPherson Lugar:

The Canadian Lyme Community lost a true hero last night! Elizabeth Wood was working for all of us in Ottawa at the 2nd Reading of Elizabeth May’s National Lyme Disease Strategy Bill C-442 on March 3rd. Her tireless work over the last many years has helped raise the issue of Lyme disease and co-infections throughout Canada! She was also the co-founder of the Canadian National Lyme & Associated Diseases Society (CNLADS) of which I am a Nova Scotia Representative. She will be sorely missed by all of us in the Lyme community. RIP Elizabeth Wood! Thank you for all that you have done and we hope to see all your hard work pay off – SOON!

Please Join the  C N L A D S – Canadian National Lyme And Associated Diseases Society’s Page to learn more about Lyme Disease.

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One thought on “Elizabeth Wood”

  1. Liz
    We still can’t process this and how it feels to have lost you. I’ve personally had you in my life since birth. I grew up playing with things you made for me, wearing the dresses your created that made me feel like a princess. I remember your smile and laugh.

    All the while, you were so sick. And everyone knew but didn’t understand. And it wasn’t till 7 years ago that we started this journey of Lyme with Andy. And it struck me how amazing, strong and loving you really were. You became a hero to know you had loved this for decades.

    We can’t express how thankful we are to have had you in our lives. We also can’t tell you how thankful we are for all you did to fight for the the rest of our families stricken with this disease.

    I wish so badly I could go home to be at your funeral, but better yet… I look forward to the day where I KNOW I will see you in a new body.. one which I will hug and tell you just all the things on my mind about your impact on us.

    We love you, we wish you a peaceful rest… you’ve earned it! Until we meet again, we won’t give up and will try to carry on your example.

    With much love, admiration and appreciation of your life.
    A&J <3

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