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Embracing Healing: A Slow Down Thirty Day Practice, New Book by Christina Murphy


Guest Post from Christina Murphy

Hello Lyme family,

I just published my slow down practice I used for myself and my ( one) client. It is based on slowing the flight or fight response with a small meditation and a mandala. So many of us deal with similar responses like PTSD. I thought it may help.

I felt like I couldn’t move fast enough, everything was at Mach speed and I was at a stand still. Every time a doc said there was nothing they could do, I felt abandoned and desperate. I had to learn how to stop, breathe and accept that I was right, deserving and had to do things at my pace even if no one else understands me. That is how this book came to be. This book is a thank you for the gift of caring and hope that everyone in the Lyme community gave me while I was healing. Thank youfor letting me share this.

The book is called:Embracing Healing: A Slow Down Thirty Day Practice

It is available at these sites:



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A note from Lisa Hilton,

This book is awesome and I highly recommend it! Not only is there a little self  help message for each day, but you can color the  mandela’s on the top of the page too as you are thinking about the message for the day. It’s really calming!

Here’s the first one I did. If you color one and want to send us a picture for us to post of yours… just sent it to our Contact Form.



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