Erin Reya Miller RIP January 10, 2018

Erin Reya Miller

RIP January 10, 2018

Today we hear the sad news of the passing of a fellow Lyme friend, Erin Miller. Erin’s friend, Christy wrote in to let us know so we could make a page for Erin. Our condolences go out to Erin’s family and friends.  Our hearts go out to you.

Here are some words form Christy Driver:

Erin lived a life in service to her community and those in need. She was a trained firefighter and volunteered many years of service to local fire departments. She was also an EMT and was currently for Lifeguard Ambulance Service in Birmingham, Al. She gave all she had in order to help others. She also helped me personally with awareness events for the Alabama Lyme disease association.
Those things are just who she was. She had a heart for helping others.

Instead of saying, “Rest in Peace,” we like to say, May Erin be dancing, running or doing whatever it is, that she wanted to do here but couldn’t because she was sick. May all her pain now be lifted and she be really allowed to live. ♥

Here is some info from her obituary:

Ms. Miller passed away January 10th, 2018. She was born July 4, 1982.

Funeral service for Erin Reya Miller, 35, of Vinemont will be at 2 p.m., Saturday, January 13th, 2018 at Cullman Funeral Home Chapel with interment in New Prospect Cemetery, Chaplain Sidney Aaron and Bro. John McKoy officiating.

Survivors include her mother, Kathy (Kelley) Milligan; father, David D. Miller; Grandparents, Kenethy & Thelma Milligan; sister, Terri (Brian) Cordes; niece, Gracie; aunts, uncles, cousins, family and friends.

Friends may sign the online guestbook at

See more condolences on this Facebook Post

RIP Lyme Community Memorial

10 thoughts on “Erin Reya Miller RIP January 10, 2018”

  1. this is getting too much CDC and idsa need to be held accountable for human rights violations they are preventing new research and treatments by playing down the seriousness of this disease how many of us have to die and how many children left without mothers before something changes rip dear Erin im sorry your country has let you down ours in Australia is doing same thanks to likes of Gary Lum Stephen Graves and archaic views on Borreliosis. When will they fathom the seriousnesss of ongoing chronis sepsis and peristence of infection and help us find a cure when??

  2. Prayers for another sweet Lyme warrior gone to soon. May she have peace and her family find peace in knowing she is now pain free and free from this horrible disease. May God bless all of you 🙏🏻✝️🙏🏻

  3. May your spirit soar upon thos huge angel wings you have just gained. May your family and friends feel and know you are now pain free and truly basking in Gods precious glory. May you forever dance and freely move about without any limitation or restraint. No more robbing from tomorrow jst for a little joy today. Bask in your well earned never ending surce of love, joy, peace and ultimate healing. May this world be made to recognize the devastation of Chronic Lyme and is multisystemic assault on we who suffer without acknowledgement or help. God bless you eternally Erin.

  4. Our son Randy Garvin passed away of Chronic Late Stage Lyme. He even started with the bullseye rash but was told he had fibro. Randy was 35 yrs old and passed away at home. Because Randy suffered so much pain they told us he just was a drug addict. Randy was a respitory therapist before he was unable to do his job. I’m so sorry for your loss. We are not suppose to bury our children. It is just devastating and he’s been gone a year. Seems like yesterday. If you would like to text me please do.

    1. Beautifully said.
      Accusing someone of drugs
      usually doesn’t care the illness or any illness at that.

      Hopefully each and everyone us get
      better treatment this year and every following year.

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