Escaping the Lyme Inferno: Memoirs of Lyme Disease and other Medical Miseries by Eric Karlan

Escaping the Lyme Inferno: Memoirs of Lyme Disease and other Medical Miseries

About This Book

This book is a collection of stories about men, women, and children struggling to regain their health from Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses. There is Sage, who was repeatedly told she was losing her mind as her health rapidly declined. There is James, who was diagnosed with MS. There is Alexandra, whose son Mike had ADHD and a multitude of other health issues. And there is Ann, who was taking over two dozen prescription drugs at one point for all her diagnoses. There was one insidious culprit behind all of their suffering: Lyme disease and related tick-borne illnesses. These memoirs recount the stories of Lyme disease survivors who had to become their own advocates to start their journeys of healing.

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6 thoughts on “Escaping the Lyme Inferno: Memoirs of Lyme Disease and other Medical Miseries by Eric Karlan”

  1. The stories of these individuals is both disheartening and uplifting at the same time, but not unlike the experiences of so many other unfortunate chronic Lyme disease sufferers I have come in contact with.

    Health care professionals need to read this book and learn from the life-altering experiences of these women, men and children, all who ultimately suffered at the hands of their doctors with whom they entrusted their health and lives.

    It is readily apparent from the book that ignorant health care professionals are just not taking the necessary time to properly evaluate and diagnose their patients to determine why they have the symptoms they do. Rather, they prefer to evaluate them with the blinders of their particular specialty on, prescribe drugs to treat their symptoms, and push them hastily out the door.

    Bravo to those who gave of their time to get their stories out in this truly awesome book to help others in need!

  2. a. s. o.
    empowering book that proves that personal responsibility and tenacity can provide positive results
    relying on the “system” just does not always work with chronic illness

  3. Great inspirational read!! These poor people going through so much but with the help of the “right ” people they pulled through! The story of the child with ADHD made me wonder how many children out there with that diagnosis actually have Lyme. There is hope!

  4. I highly recommend this book of courageous stories about brave patients who navigated the maze of medical dead ends to get well. These stories will inspire you to be your own advocate in the quest for health.

  5. This book is a must read for anyone who has ever suffered from, or has known anyone who has suffered from Lyme. I couldn’t put the book down. The accounts of each person’s journey shows how going outside of mainstream medicine offers answers to real problems that are dismissed with antibiotics.
    I applaud these people for coming forward and sharing their experiences.

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