Eva Sapi for the Lyme Disease Association – Lyme Disease Research for a Cure

Published on Jan 14, 2014
Eva Sapi Ph.D.
Univeristy of New Haven
Published Research Scholar
Lyme Disease Association Grant Recipient

“My name is Eva Sapi, Associate Professor and Research Scholar at University of New Haven
Lyme Disease is a devastating disease. My work as a researcher (is) to better understand Borrelia, the Lyme Disease Bacteria.
Many good doctors need answers so they can choose better treatments for their patients.
My drive every day, getting phone calls from patients and asking questions – asking research questions which sometimes, I cannot answer.
Those questions always motivate me to go deeper and deeper and get answers for them so they can feel better one day.
Our research success is coming from all the support we get from private donors, from Lyme disease foundations, and from the medical community.
I thank the Lyme Disease Association for all their support; for their financial support and support to find the answers for those questions for this devastating disease.”

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