February 2014 Lyme News, Articles, Activism and Updates

February Lyme NewsNewspaper/Online Articles

Lyme News

Good, Bad & The Ugly, if you see something you don’t like, write the newspaper or author and let them know. 


Teleconferences with Jenny Rush begin again

Click here to see the Lyme Thriving Free Teleconference Dates

Calls To Action

Bookmark the Lyme Protest Websites

The Mayday Project
Worldwide Lyme Protest
2014 Lyme Awareness Campaign- Online Protestcall-to-action-150x150

Write Letters for Dr Jaller

Find details here

February “Pinterest Month”

Pin these pins for Lyme Awareness

Call to Action Canadian Friends

Find details here

Photo Campaigns

Wall of Faces
Google Plus “We are the Millions” Photo Campaign

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