Feel dizzy when you stand up?

Do you feel dizzy when you stand? Especially when you are standing in one place for too long, like in line at a store, or doing the dishes?


You could very well have POTS( Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndromeaka dyautonomia, aka http://www.dinet.org/It’s an issue of your blood pressure dropping when you are upright. You’re blood pressure drops but you heart rate goes up trying to get the oxygenated blood from your legs to your brain.


There are some tests doctors can order. First they will simply take you blood pressure while you are laying down, then sitting up, than standing up. If your blood pressure drops dramatically, then they will most likely order a tilt table test. During this, you will be strapped to a table that moves up and down. Each time the table moves up they will monitor your blood pressure to see if it drops when you are raised. Halfway through the procedure they will give you a drug through an iv called, isoproterenol. This drug will make your heart beat faster. The point is to see if it induces fainting. If it does then you may be diagnosed with dysautonomia or POTS.


The two most popular treatments for POTS is increasing water and salt intake or taking a med called Florinef.  To learn more about treatment go to: http://www.dinet.org/what_helps.htm




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