financial assistance for lyme patients

Financial Help for Lyme Patients

financial assistance for lyme patients

We are know everyone is having a hard time coming up with treatment money and daily living expenses. We are pretty much all in the same boat with this issue.
So we put together some ways you can help yourself raise some extra money or possibly get  financial assistance.

* By selling products such as pizzas or awareness jewelry.

* List of fundraising platforms like Indie Go Go or YouCaring

* We will list your craft/jewelry shop or business and help promote it on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus and Tumblr.

* We will list your fundraisers on our site under the “Fundraisers catergory” and share them for you on social media.

* We put together a list of med financial assistance programs/organizations that will help with med costs, testing costs and other financial needs.


We know how devastating this disease can be, so we hope that this will help in some aspect of what you are going through.

2 thoughts on “Financial Help for Lyme Patients”

  1. is there a refund me site, the demtreps wiped me out financially with their bioweapon lyme complex and dental poisoning, I am writing a book about the mass poisoning and bioweapon lyme complex that the demreps are getting many sick with now- I actually used the otherside to get me well, my medium healer accessed the healers that cured me, and ya its a plot to kill us, one of many so this book will help billions…there are many pathogens that doctors do not know about in the mix.
    beyond coinfections may be my book can be prefunded??? a go fund my book mass poisoning perhaps, how I used the otherside to get me well.. how others can too..
    its actually going to be a huge seller as most get some form of lyme as planned
    but I could use the money now so may be I can prefund it by pre-selling it??? an idea,
    I also have photos to sell limited editions too, another possible sale feature to help fund raising, and I have a cartoon but that needs more work so..
    let me know

  2. I am desperately looking for help with treatment cost…is self fundraising the option? I’m so anxious about doing that

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