First Facebook Live Video with Sally Schutz M.D.


Well we had a very successful first Facebook Live Video Chat with Dr Sally Schutz and myself, (Lisa Hilton). We had a couple technical difficulties as Facebook and technology can be a little glitchy, but all in all it went pretty well.  We were so happy to have 175 (and counting views) within 12 hours of the taping this.

Dr Sally gave us a wealth of information on how she helped heal herself from Lyme Disease, touching briefly and subjects like diet, detoxing and mitochondria. She answered many questions viewers had and offered for viewers a complimentary viewing of her Saturday video conference on Zoom.

A big thank you to Dr Sally for doing this for the Lyme community.

Follow up for our first Facebook Chat with Dr Sally

* To join the complimentary Saturday Presentation Sally offered follow these instructions:
(This is part of her larger program but you can join in to see a sample of what she offers in her program.)

* What does Dr Sally’s Program include?
She has a couple programs, one which includes personal coaching.

* Where can I get the CBD Oil she recommends?
Use the coupon code Lisa for 15% discount

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