Flåttsyke nordmenn kan ha blitt feilbehandlet i en årrekke


Photo Credit: LANGVARIG SYK: For 17 år siden ble Maj-Britt Hovland Grevstad (34) fra Bergen bitt av flått. Siden har hun blitt gradvis sykere.Foto: TV 2://www.tv2.no/nyheter/innenriks/helse/flaattsyke-nordmenn-kan-ha-blitt-feilbehandlet-i-en-aarrekke-3990023.html

Professor Morten Laane mener norske leger tar feil når de hevder at borreliabakterien man kan få av flåttbitt ikke kan føre til langvarig sykdom.

Dersom Laanes standpunkt er riktig, har en stor pasientgruppe blitt undervurdert og feilbehandlet i en årrekke.

For 17 år siden ble Maj-Britt Hovland Grevstad (34) fra Bergen bitt av flått. Siden har hun blitt gradvis sykere, og har i mange år vært sengeliggende og avhengig av hjelp til det aller meste.

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Picture Credit: Lyme Enytt

Ticks Sick Norwegians may have been improperly treated for years
Professor Morten Laane, the Norwegian doctors are wrong when they claim that the Borrelia bacterium you can get bitten by ticks can not lead to prolonged illness.

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If the bond position is correct, a large group of patients was underestimated and incorrect treatment for years.

For 17 years ago, Maj-Britt Hovland Grevstad (34) from Bergen bitten by ticks. Since then she has become progressively sicker, and have for many years been bedridden and dependent on help for almost anything.

– I’ve only gotten worse and worse, with a flu-like illness that never goes away, she said. The last six or seven years the pain has been so intense that I have not known how to keep it out, she said to TV 2

LONG TERM SICK: For 17 years ago, Maj-Britt Hovland Grevstad (34) from Bergen bitten by ticks. Since then she has become progressively more ill. Foto: TV 2

Controversial Deals
Maj-Britt was examined by one doctor after another, but none found traces of borrelia bacteria, which can be provided after the tick bite. She was sent home without any drug treatment.

The last six months have Maj-Britt lived alone in a rented room in Oslo, while her husband and her six year old son lives in his hometown of Bergen. There, she pays thousands of dollars for long-term antibiotic treatment on the controversial private clinic Norwegian Lyme Center, and feel better than in many years.

– Why are you so sure you have borrelia when tests taken in the Norwegian health care system is negative?

– First match my symptoms along with symptoms of Borrelia, I turned on the tests in Germany and I have become much better after I started taking antibiotics. In addition, a professor at the University of Oslo checked my blood with the microscope and found borrelia bacteria.

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This picture emerged from the professor Loans microscopic examination of the blood of Maj-Britt Hovland Grevstad. He believes this could be the dreaded bacterium Borrelia.

– Health authorities are wrong
The diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease is highly controversial. According to the Norwegian health care system, four-week course of antibiotics is enough to kill all the Borrelia bacteria in the body. In addition, tests are taken to detect borrelia uncertain.

In October last year acknowledged the Health Directorate to TV 2 news that the tests used in Norway to identify ticks disease is uncertain.

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Professor of Molecular Biology, Morten Laane, has studied bacteria for over fifty years and written textbooks on microscopy.

Laane has investigated the blood of Maj-Britt and, unlike health care, found what he thinks is Borrelia bacteria in her blood.

He has also studied the blood of a number of other patients, who think they are chronically ill after the tick bite, the microscope. Now he publishes a sensational trial in the international journal Biological and Biomedical Reports , which he claims health care is wrong when they doubt the diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease.

– I have heavy signs that get you first Borrelia bacteria in the blood as it is in the body until they die, says Ida.

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Laane has developed a method that makes it easy to see the bacteria in the blood, and how they respond to antibiotics.

He says studies show that Borrelia bacteria have the ability to change shape and hide in the joints, nerves and muscles, making it difficult to detect and nearly impossible to crack with antibiotics.

– Four-week course of antibiotics, I think is too little, says professor. This is a bacterial species that is difficult to properly has on. Prolonged antibiotic therapy may keep sick patients symptom-free, and at least give them a reasonably acceptable life to hopefully find better treatments, says the professor.

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– Very confident
– Many Norwegian doctors reject diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease, how can you be so sure that it is borrelia bacteria you have found?

– Borrelia bacterium is a helical bacterium, known spiroket, which may occur in several forms. I have found bacteria in the blood of Maj-Britt and other patients is definitely such spirochetes, and there is not so many to choose from, says Ida.

– To deny chronic Lyme disease is not as wise as a doctor, if you look at history you will see that science perceptions change with time.

– How confident are you about this?

– Very secure.

If the professor is right, Maj-Britt and a large group of patients was underestimated and incorrect treatment for years.

– May have some relevance
Harald Reiso are municipal in Arendal and active in tick research network NorTick. He is one of many Norwegian doctors who are skeptical about the diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease . Reiso still will not dismiss the professor presents.

Officer Harald Reiso in Arendal.

– There are a number of statements there that might have some relevance, says Reiso. We will not deny that there is some knowledge we have, but the doctors who work in the field must deal with the knowledge that as of now.

– But the tests used today are unsafe?

– Tests are unsafe in that all tests have an indirect detection of bacteria, so if microscopy in time proves to be accurate it will be an advantage.

Happy to be believed
Maj-Britt is thrilled to finally meet a professional who believes her. She hopes the photos from Professor Laane can help her finally get the help of the public.

– It is amazing to know that your making me sick and I can see pictures of it, she says. I am so happy that I have taken loan and he helped me!

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