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  1. Dr. Phil, I am a 62 yr. old clinical psychologist who has found two prominent Lyme Literate Physicians in the San Francisco area to treat what was finally dx as chronic neurological Lymes Disease. I had been given a dx of Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue about 25 years ago, and I knew nothing about Lyme until I saw the well done documentary “Under Our Skin.” While I was sitting in the theatre awaiting the film (nobody there) except a man behind me and I asked him what brought him to this documentary? He said he had a niece that at 3 yrs. old had been dx. as having a form of schizophrenia. Now she is 16 and dx with Lyme. One thing that has been scary for me is that my brain, after reviewing a SPECT scan, has lost oxygen in more than 5 areas This accounts for the many symptoms I have experienced over the past decades including two years of TIA’s and complicated migraines as well as extreme fatigue and body and joint pain all over my body. I have been clinically depressed and anxious. I went to the Mayo Clinic to see a top neurologist and other specialist (including a psychiatrist) and their final conclusion was that I was Bipolar, needed a sleep study and basically declined to even do any neurological testing. Had that been done we would probably have seen the effects on the scan of actual deterioration and my retinologist, who has seen my scans and my retinas, suspects bacterial infection as my brain’s entire ocular cortex is deoxygenating (SCAN) and his observations and retinal photos showed trauma behind macula from the inside (SCAN) and outside (retinal photos). I am on IV Rocephin, an antibiotic that can cross the blood brain barrier. The lyme bacteria mutates at least four ways and in the brain surrounds itself with “tangles” just like in Alzheimers.
    Because the borrielis bacteria has a life span of 28 days and in the brain hides in these tangles it takes a load of antibiotics to dig in and find them at a time that they can be killed. How can the CDC, NIH, pharmaceuticals, politicians and many physicians seemingly put to the back burner the research necessary to kill this mutating horrendous “real disease”. On top of all the pain, loss of job (which I loved), inability to be an active parent and running out money, I do not wish this extremely complicated, long term illness on my worst enemy. There are absolute ways of determining your likelihood of having contracted Lyme. Those who get false negatives need to understand that (I think) it takes about 7 blood draws and sent to the most Lyme Literate labs (Igenex) in Ca. where ingenious markers have been labeled showing whether Lyme bacteria was found in the blood. The lyme spirokete (bacteria looking just like Siphilis bacteria under microscope, does not stay in the blood very long or often. It moves quickly into the tissues and organs of the body, muscles, joints ad into the CNS. All mental health providers as well as all physicians should be informed as to the neuological and psychological effects of borrelia and its classic additions of co-infections also carried by original tick offender. One of the reasons I beg psychiatrists and psychologists (like myself) to become informed of brain infections is because symptoms of almost all mental disorders may have origins in the brain. This includes not just the childhood schizophrenia I mentioned with the 3 year old, but myself. Unfortunately, a few years back before I knew anything about Lyme Disease, out of nowhere I fell into a freightening paranoia that led quickly to a severe psychotic break. It is a miracle and I thank God that I was not killed along with my preteen daughter, as I acted out a series of fears so awful that I can’t believe I got my mind back. I was hospitalized for 11 days, went into a devistating depression for two months thereafter and slowly recovered to a normal state of thinking and believing. All my physicians, psychiatrist and psychologist had not explanation for this psychotic break. It wasn’t until about 3 years ago, now that I had SCANS done and finally understood that the TIAs, migranes, depression, anxiety, loss of short term memory, night blindness and finally this psychotic break from hell most probably found their etiology in the scum of Chronic Neurological Lymes Disease and another co-infection, Erlichia. No question in my mind that there is a wave of evil in certain circles in our Country, attempting to dismiss a disease much more complicated and expensive to treat than Aids. My insurance Co., Antham Blue Cross will not pay for the necessary antibiotics to at least keep this disease in check until a better way of treating and curing Lymes is found. Stem Cell therapy in India is being used to eliminate neurological symtoms and lesions in the brain. Way too soon to tell if this is worth the $15,000 a visit if you can survive the trip. I pray the insurance companies will be forced to pay for antibiotics for Lymes just like they do for most other infectious diseases. Please believe that in terms of political, pharmaceutical, the power of AMA and other psysicians and groups are making it so evident if you do your research that “Something is rotten in Denmark. I pray for all who struggle to survive this curse and hidden epidemic. Truth and justice must come with a gavel soon and legally change the system before all of the Lyme Literate docs loose their licenses (even the ones most needed who tx. babies and children who congenitally contracted this bacteria and seem to either die at birth or at age 5 or so regress into Autism. We need to treat the most vulnerable and the best Lyme doc treating kids was kicked out of practice by this unjust system. Healing is our right and working together, Dr. Phil, is the way to go. Thank you for your courage in the face of controversy . Blessings to you and your staff member who is so brave. Regards, Christine Lobel, Ph.D clinical psychology.

  2. Thank you, Dr. Phil for doing a show on Chronic Lyme Disease. Please do a follow-up.

    This disease is dehabilitating and demoralizing and very real!

  3. I just wrote a story about my illness, but when I was finished computer crashed so I will not do it again.

    I just wanted to write what I was ending with and that is that even though these topics will NEVER go on mainstream media because of politics it could be interesting for some brave hearts to look into subjects of bioweapons because it is DESPERATELY needed at this time, for all people on earth. Look into lab 257, Don Scott, mycoplasma fermetans patent for bioweapon, dr horowitz on vaccines etc, chemtrails, uranium in relation to gulf war syndrome patients and Leuren Moret. There are many others but this could be a good start for anyone interested in subject and the more you dig into it the more you find it possible for lyme to be a bioweapon as well. Of course the powers that are spreading bio weapons don´t want the public to know what they are doing and unfortunately this will NEVER go on mainstream media, because they ultimately control media.

  4. I also have a tick-borne illness similar in presentation to Lyme Disease. It is called Spotted Fever Rickettsiosis and my “Paired Sera Sample” tested IgG & IgM positive In June 2010 at the California Department of Health Viral & Rickettsial Disease Laboratory (CDPH-VRDL)-Richmond, CA. The CDPH-VRDL sent the remaining sera to the Centers for Disease Control-Rickettsial Zoonoses Branch (CDC-RZB) in Atlanta, GA and detected two forms of Rickettsioses. In a similar fashion to Lyme Disease sufferers, I too have been told that Chronic Rickettsiosis does not exist by Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) affiliated physicians and that my CDPH & CDC test results are false positives. When I point out to IDSA doctors that typhus is a chronic rickettsial disease, I am asked to leave their office. Although I took oral antibiotics for 8 weeks & my symptoms ultimately returned, I have been denied follow-up appointments, treatment, and molecular testing by the same doctors that diagnosed me. Despite my co-infection with hepatitis C (HCV) and a stern warning by a CDC Scientist-Physician that I “need to find a thorough doctor that will follow you closely because the target organ for rickettsia is the liver”, I have been unable to do so. Spotted Fever Rickettsiosis is considered curable with one standard course of antibiotics and any deviation from this IDSA dogma of one treatment & you are cured has gotten me categorized as a difficult patient and now I am being denied any further HCV treatment until the Spotted Fever Rickettsiosis issue is resolved. But I cannot get effectively retested & retreated because ANY chronic tick-borne diseases are anathema to IDSA doctors and I currently are being denied follow-up appointments for rickettsiosis AND hepatitis C.

    Dr. Phil and other healthcare media should move forward with further exposure of this criminal practice of denying healthcare to people only because they were bitten by insects carrying dangerous diseases that have caused serious chronic health issues.

  5. Thank you, Dr. Phil, for bringing the controversy of Lyme Disease to mainstream media. Most Americans are not even aware of the controversy, much less the devastating impact of Lyme or its prevalence, nor will they ever see documentaries such as Under Our Skin to learn about the subject. By bringing the controversy to light, you are raising awareness that will hopefully enable millions suffering from a variety of conditions to investigate the possibility that what they have may really be Lyme. I hope you will air follow up segments, perhaps following the young model who I sincerely hope will be able to find an LLMD and obtain effective treatment.

  6. From jacqui butterworth

    I keep trying to leave a message below for Dr Phill but will not accept my email address. Dear Dr Phil Thank you for doing this show on Lyme disease-it really needs exposing. I have done reseach into this illness as I went down 25yrs ago with it and have been unable to work since (I was a worlaholic-brought 4 children up -one parent -did my own painting and decorating, gardening, made my own clothes) I am now riddled with arthritis etc. The research I have done makes me believe that contaminated vaccines and germ warfare is involved. One has only to read the research by Prof Donald Scott, Prof Garth Nicolson (GWS) and a book called ‘Dr Mary’s Monkey’ by Edward T Haslam to realise that governments have deliberatly allowed Ministry of Defence to experiment on unsuspecting citezens. They have allowed scientists to infect millions of mosquitos with bacteria and let them loose in in 1986-that is when patients went down with what doctors called ME/CFS but it really was Lyme)disease. Governments have denied Lyme because they have caused ths illness just like they caused AIDS. It really is a horror story -Repoters such as Andrew Gilligan (UK) have tried to expose it (he was the reporter that was involved with David Kelly-the UK germ warfare microbiologist that died in mysterious circumstances) Google Dead Scientists-a great many have died in mysterious circumstances. I fear for mankind-I never realised how evil and corrupt scientists could be.

  7. I just want to say THANK YOU so much Dr Phil for bringing up this subject.
    /a 20 year old girl from Sweden suffering from chronic lyme disease.

  8. I conferenced with Dr. Auwaerter who recklessly dismissed my struggle with Lyme Disease. My blood test showed exposure to two bands with another appearing magically a few months later. Yet, I was told that this was not indicative of Lyme Disease so I went to a Neurologist, Endocrinologist, Infectious Disease Doctor, Pulmonologist, Family Physician, Rheumatologist, etc. with all guessing while I was telling them I thought I had Lyme Disease as I had a bite on my ankle with red markings and now I was so very sick with every joint, tissue, etc. hurting, was weak, blacking out, depressed, etc. and this went on for over a year until my Infectious Disease Doctor decided to give me IV antibiotics (reluctantly still saying it was probably a false/positive) and it could be something else. Well Dr. Auwaerter and the rest–the patient here was right and you did not listen as you should have. There is no such thing as a false/positive when the blood work shows up indicating Lyme Disease (all others with these bands were ruled out). My IV worked and after two unnecessary years of suffering I am pain free. No thanks to Dr. Auwaerter and all the other Doctors who dismissed the fact that Lyme Disease is real. You need to get it to understand. I have never been sick a day in my life until I got this disease. Thanks to my Neurologist, Dr. Takrony, who sent me back to my Infectious Disease Doctor for IV treatment. Dr. Tanin, Endocrinologist, thanks for telling me to get a test for Lyme when I told you my symptoms.

  9. Thank you so much for delving into this illness that is inundating our state. I live in New Hampshire and there are few folks here who do not know someone who has been affected by tick-borne illness. I know it took courage to expose this and there is so much going on in the political and financial fields that remain unexplained. My daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter have all been stricken with complex tick-borne illness. Our 3-year-old granddaughter was denied treatment by her pediatrician who said that we could afford to wait until more symptoms emerged before treatment because it was basically an easy illness to treat once we definitively knew that she was positive for Lyme. We had the tick and the sick very sick child, but he refused to test saying the tests gave unreliable results and that she was probably fine. Here we are 3 years later still treating this child because of the “proper guidelines.” Thank God we found someone who would finally take her symptoms seriously, but all of this is uncovered by insurance. On top of that, our daughter and son-n-law were misdiagnosed for 8 years each and now both have been on intravenous treatment for Lyme, bartonella and babesia. This has been a nightmare for our family and we have been financing the entire treatment. It is extremely costly and yet, insurance companies continue to deny coverage because of the government definition of Lyme and the fact that the IDSA still refuses to admit that long term chronic Lyme exits. It’s hard to believe that this is going on in our country. The only hope these folks have is for programs like yours to expose what is really going on. Thank you again for giving us renewed hope.

    Barbara Flocco

  10. Dr. Phil,
    Thank you so-o-o much for being brave enough to talk about this horrible disease on your show. It is terribly mis-understood by so many. It is so important for folks to know about and be informed in order to, hopefully, prevent them from getting this disease or worse, getting it and not knowing it and going without proper diagnosis.

    I am a Chronic Lyme sufferer. I went a whole year undiagnosed. It has been 4 years, now. I am getting better, but it could be a year or two before completely tackling it, if then. I tested negative for Lyme 6 times. I finally found a wonderful doctor who takes Lyme Disease seriously and he “clinically” diagnosed me and treated me right away with long-tern anti-biotics. I am still on some heavy anti-biotics. It is a long, tough, and difficult road, but it is worth it.

    Going untreated can lead to complications with other diseases such as MS or ALS, and many others.

    If need be, please do another show in the future. And perhaps you could use the whole show to allow more talk between the doctors.

    Again, thank you so-o-o much!
    Carol Pauley

  11. Thank you so much for covering the “taboo” topic of Chronic Lyme Disease on your show. Chronic Lyme patients have been left to suffer and even die because of the political and medical controversies – fueled (like many other issues) ultimately by money and power.

    I suffered with palpitations (PVC’s – Premature Ventricular Contractions) for years and when I went to see a cardiologist, he reluctantly agreed to run tests. After the tests returned with no heart disease the cardiologist told me I was “thinking about it too much.” Three years later I ended up in the ER with Bradycardia brought on by damage to my heart. I had to have a pacemaker put in to keep me from fainting repeatedly and so I would be allowed to continue to drive. I found out a few months later that I had Chronic Lyme.

    I had been tested the previous summer and was told I did not have Lyme. I will never know if that damage to my heart could have been prevented with a more accurate and timely diagnosis,. Our medical community and elected oficials should do everything in their power to keep their patients/constituents from having to go through this nightmare, only to face denial of insurance coverage and financial ruin. That is what they are supposed to be there for!

    Thank you – again – for giving voice to this growing and critical issue.

  12. I did leave a comment on Dr. Phil’s message board(hopefully it shows up). It was great that Dr. Phil did address the topic of Chronic Lyme Disease. Hopefully more shows will be done on the different aspects of Chronic Lyme like the co-infections; the insurance issues, the IDSA, the other top researchers out there like PJ Langhoff.

  13. #1 – The Political Aspect. Former President Bush had Lyme and did nothing about it during his presidency. #2 – The CDC will not change it’s agenda until the organism can b researched. It can’t b researched until the patents on the organism is lifted. They cannot make money off Lyme. #3 – The blood test can be specific if it is sent 2 the right lab. #4 – The insurance companies go by the CDC guidelines, that is why ppl do not get treated. #4 – U can be cured if caught right away. Once it enters ur Spine & travels thru ur CNS u cannot. Lyme remains in the spine f/ about 15 min. 2 do this….after that, the Spinal taps r useless. Technology does not exist 2 find the minute traces it leaves behind. #5 – Long Term Antibiotics. Once the antibiotics hit ur system it will begin 2 kill everything. U get very sick @ first. What was not mentioned is the Lyme will hide. It can penetrate cell walls & break thru the blood/brain barrier – Antibiotics cannot. The antibiotics will also awaken Lyme Spirochetes that were laying dormant 2 fight the medicine f/ it’s own survival. After each protocol, get re-tested & u will see ur titer get higher ea. time. The seizures r caused by the White lesions that r found on the C-Spine & brain as in MS. Once the protective sheath is gone…it is gone. #6 – The disease has been around near 30 years & it infects more ppl each yr than AIDS & Cancer combined. It started here, now it is a wordwide epidemic. #7 – The Doc f/ Hopkins noted that there is no proof that long term antibiotic use is effective, he did not clearly make a case that Chronic Lyme does not exist. The other doc, who I am sure is successful in treatment, is treatment most all patients cannot afford. #7 – Most all Lyme patients r told that they r hypochondriac, it’s all in their heads, menopausal, peri-menopausal, marriage issues?, stress & the most infuriating “You don’t look sick.” – Since I found out about my illness I have been reported to the Dept. of Public Health. If I don’t have Lyme , why r they tracking me. I hate doctors, they gave me medicine after medicine. Antibiotics stopped my breathing after the 5th protocol. I will not take any medicine, go 2 any specialist, take any medicine. I have no respect f/ our medical system & do not trust our federal agencies to adequately do their jobs. It is all about money. Like AIDS, they will not come forth until it hits the white male population. It sadly begins as population control. If it hits the poor, weak, minority public….no matter. They call Lyme the great imitator, but it is not. Lyme acts like Lyme. It attacks like Lyme & it attacks everything in it’s path, which causes multiple, symptoms, disorders, cancers, neurological, mental disorders, why b/c it is adaptive, can travel anywhere in the body & our medical experts r 2 arrogant 2 admit they can’t figure out how to get 2 it. Like most ppl. I hope every doc I ever saw gets Lyme disease. Especially the Infectious disease specialists. No infectious disease doctor will DX: Lyme. This disease has a huge impact on it’s victims. Most lose everything, while everyone just looks on. I lost my job, my husband walked out, my home, my independence, my savings & I’m no more cured 2 day than I was yesterday. I have had Lyme since 1984. It took 18 yrs. 2 get my DX: The avg. is 7 yrs. Do u know how much damage Lyme can do in that time? I got a tumor on my Thyroid, which Lyme goes f/ first, b/c the Thyroid actually secretes a hormone that attacks Lyme & can kill it & the organism knows that. Ur producer is 30 lbs lighter b/c whatever treatment she is getting I guarantee involves her thyroid function being put back in order & her metabolism is functioning now. There is a lot of data 7 there r a lot of quacks pouncing on desperate ppl. Supplements/Vitamins/ Nothing white[bread/pasta/four/no sugar – Lyme feeds off sugar/Protein/ Exercise/ Ur beliefs and ur will. If u think the Weather lady & ur producer will b cured, they r being mislead. They can regain functionality & it will let them think they r cured, until the next emergency symptom. Those stories were misleading & gave false hope. U can get a hold on it, but u will have to live co-dependently w/ ur illness, not unlike MS, AIDS, Parkinsons’…….Show 2 short, not enough info, but at least we got mainstream exposure.

    1. Do you know any labs that take Medi-cal? Where did you get tested? I have the igenix lab in my area and they are extremely expensive. I just emailed them to find out if they take Medi-cal…I know they take Medicare. I was bit a year and half ago, then just recently. i live in a wood. My symptoms are headaches,
      tired all the time, feel lethargic like there’s a heavyness in my mucscles and I can’t move very fast. brain fog and memory loss for words. stiff neck, joint pain. One day i couldn’t go up the stairs very easily.
      You sound like you’ve been thru soooo much. I am so sorry. It’s good to have someone to talk to about this. I have a freind who was diagnosed just 3 mo. ago and is paying out of pocket. She’s been supporting me emotionally.. When I watch this show it scared me.. and now you are scaring me.
      Please tell more so I know what shit i have to go thru.

  14. I am glad to see that finally someone is taking this “to the streets”. There needs to be a public outcry against the medical profession who refuse to believe what tests and studies have shown to be the existence of persistent and chronic Lyme.

    I was diagnosed over 2 years ago after suffering for 30 years. I was bitten in N. Ca in 1980. No one knew that infected ticks were in the area but they were. I have suffered terribly and since starting treatment I have had an upsurge in my symptoms. I now have some severe neurological issues which include memory loss, aphasia, and the worst are the shaking and tics. I don’t have full-blown seizures but there are times when I have problems controlling my body, especially on the right side. To me it seems that it mimics Parkinsons. It is scary. At times my arms twitches and shakes and I can’t control it.

    I too, was told for many years that it’s all in my head and that I just need to get on anti-depressants and pull myself out of it. I was called an attention seeker. All I wanted to do was have a normal life. I feel like life has been sucked out of me. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein Barr Syndrome, IBS, Celiac, and several others. For years I suffered with chronic, debilitating migraines, which is the only symptoms of my over 60 symptoms, some very odd and weird, that has gone away with treatment. I don’t tolerate the treatment well. I Herx very badly. I Herx so badly that we have to keep stopping treatment, which defeats the purpose. I don’t know what the answer is for me but I keep looking.

    I am not depressed. I am hopeful for a cure and that my life will be returned to me. I don’t know how long it will take but I am still searching.

    Chelle LeMond

  15. Lyme Disease is also rampant here in Europe. And also be very aware it can be transmitted through sexual contact and maybe even through kissing.

  16. I too suffer with Lyme. Even though I have been told that I no longer have it I just had both my knees replaced at the age of 43 because it got to a point that I couldn’t hardly walk.. I continue with severe pain and depression. I feel I am a prisoner of my own home. Thank God this issue is on the table. Thank you for helping us.

  17. I was trying to send you a message about my Lyme disease story earlier on another site and it “poofed”. As a college student I was part of a deer tick study for a hospital in Central Maine. Back in the late 80’s I was the only one to find a deer tick in Waldo county, Maine. I got bit about two years ago and went through the “doxy” antibiotics. I still test positive and the only thing that helps is the work my chiropractor who does work via herpetology and kinesiology. I am better but not completely pain free. I beg you to keep looking into this.


  18. Thank you Dr.Phil for being brave enough to bring this terrible disease so much needed national attention. Please consider this point, is it really possible for 350’000 people to all be synchronized hypochondriacs at the same time with a multitude of similar symptoms ? I realize you have to show both sides of any controversy but I see in your eyes, and I feel in my heart that you really know the truth. Just like that young lady, I loved my active life before I was hit with this life changing disease. I went 8 years undiagnosed, and misdiagnosed by over 2 dozen Doctors before a humble country LLMD treated me with a changing, long term antibiotic protocol reversing 75% of my symptoms. Myself, and hundreds of other sufferers were devastated when they suspended his license for ridiculous trumped up charges. Now after not having him since last November my problems are creeping back and I am forced to start seeing a brave new Doctor.
    Again, thank you Dr. Phil for your interest in our problem,

  19. Dr. Auwaerter needs to look at the patients more closely and to read the literature that proves that Lyme borreliosis exists and persists. To continue to represent that Chronic Lyme Does Not Exist is to promote the permanent infection of a huge population of patients around the world who are indeed suffering!

    Dr. A, how do you explain the literature that proves that Lyme is persistent and chronic?

    How do you explain the ill patients like myself who have been sick most of their lives and who have had many treatments of antibiotics and other therapies, and the ability to culture live spirochetes from my blood despite these treatments?

    How do you explain the 3 ladies sitting in the Dr. Phil studio including 2 who benefited from treatment for disease that was established for years?


    It is quite simply time for the denial aspect to end.

    Thanks Dr. Phil Show for broadcasting the truth about this global epidemic.

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