Fran Sussman RIP 9/16/2017

Beautiful Photo by Shaina Campbell

Fran Sussman 

Today we heard of the passing of Fran Sussman on September 16th, 2017, leaving many in the Lyme community shocked and saddened.  Right away people started sharing stories on how Fran help them through their Lyme disease journey. She trained with Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, and had recovered from Chronic Lyme disease herself. You can read more about that on her website here.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family, friends, pets and patients. ♥

From Fran’s Facebook page and website:

“Fran Sussman passed peacefully on Saturday morning, with Lily and Samat her side. Fran believed with all her heart and soul in the power of healing, and used her immense knowledge and compassion to help thousands of clients live fuller, healthier, happier lives.

Fran was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last spring. She went through treatment and was back to her usual vibrant life by summer. In the next year, she traveled widely, spent time with her loved ones (human and fur creatures) and continued to heal others through the work she loved.

When she discovered her cancer cell count had risen this spring, she took a typical Fran approach of combining the best in conventional medicine and holistic methods, drawn from her own knowledge and that of many colleagues from her decades in the field. Fran maintained a sense of optimism, encouraging her children to complete their degrees this spring, continue their careers, and pursue the dreams she had always nurtured with complete and selfless love. Fran believed in living fully, with vitality, with a clear heart and mind.

While her sudden passing is heartbreaking, we are comforted by the fact that she lived just how she wanted up to these last weeks, even critiquing the hospital’s use of dextrose in the IVs and prohibition of medical marijuana.

We want to honor what Fran meant to the many people in her life. If you have a story about Fran, please post or PM a written, voice, or video recording to her page. We will post information about her funeral arrangements, a memorial, and other ways to honor Fran later today.

***Update: We will celebrate Fran’s remarkable life this Saturday, September 23, at 1pm at her home. Please RSVP.

We will remember and celebrate Fran’s inspiring life this Saturday, Sept 23rd at 1pm at her home in Blooming Grove. We invite friends, clients and family to join us in honoring her life and sending her on her way with recognition and love.

Fran was a fan of color, so please feel free to dress vibrantly. If you feel so inclined, bring along a favorite Fran-inspired recipe (easy to find with a quick google search).

Please consider honoring Fran by donating in her name to one of the following nonprofits:

  1. Safe Homes of Orange County: Fran chose to donate here because their vision of protecting and empowering women resonated with her. Donate here

4 thoughts on “Fran Sussman RIP 9/16/2017”

  1. Rip Fran. My deepest sympathies to your family and your work family I love the D place of you in their lives. So glad you were able to fill the needs of others who are sick. Your pain and suffering are over and you are now healthy and heaven and that’s all your family ever wanted was for you to be healthy again.

    I have never met friend that I share your loss as well as a Lyme Warrior of 48 years.
    Betty Gordon, Iowa

  2. I never met Fran, although I received emails/announcements regularly, with the intention of meeting her one day. I live in CT-a pretty good drive. I’m saddened by her passing as I always saw her as so healthy and the fact that she stood for healthiness, having died from cancer, puts my head in a spin.

  3. I knew Fran from our La Leche days when my daughter Keren, and her daughter Lily were just young toddlers. (We all traveled to Punta Cana when we were both pregnant with our second children). Thanks to Fran, I was encouraged to have my first home birth, and delivered my second daughter, Ava, in our home in Middletown, a month or so before her son, Sam, was born. It was one of the most empowering experiences of my life, and led me to two more home births after my family moved to Israel in 1992. (Funny story: Fran actually predicted that my third child would be a boy, after reading my vibes over the phone line from Israel!) After returning to the US in 2004, Fran and I reconnected, thanks to Facebook. Another funny story: I was going through news about Palestine/Israel and saw a photo. “Oh my God – It’s Fran!” But it wasn’t. It was Lily and she turned out to be the young American I’d read about whose laptop was shot up by the Israeli military at the Egyptian Israel border. I have been following Sam’s work and can only feel that Fran has raised her children with a love and appreciation for peace and justice. I was so saddened to learn of Fran’s death. My life has been enriched by her presence in it.

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