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As many of you know I have been battling the chronic effects of Lyme Disease for going on 7 years now. I made the decision to go public with my story to educate others and to motivate others to take action. Please see search Goodmanatheart. Also search on Google Nathan Braatz and Goodmanatheart.

Prior to getting Lyme Disease I went to college and earned an Associates Degree and a Bachelors Degree with 2 business majors. I worked full-time and I was able to provide security for my family. However after going on 7 years having Lyme Disease I can no longer provide that security.

I have learned that it is false for us to believe that we are independent. The fact is we are all interdependent. At anytime 1 event in life or a few events in our life can derail our plans and our security. My video on my Youtube channel Goodmanatheart reveals those events “My Lifelong Goal, Now A Dream: Home Ownership (Preview) Please share this video with the Masses and share Goodmanatheart with the Masses. These videos will answer many questions people have and will educate the them about the chronic effects of Lyme Disease, and that action is needed.

Lyme Disease has not only disabled me physically, but it has devastated me financially. In order to provide a home for my children and to cover costs of treatment options I no longer have a savings, retirement account, or a vehicle. For the past 6 yrs. I have lived on Social Security Disability in the amount of $15,000 per year along with some assistance programs. 

Family members, friends, and members of the community have come together to form Team Goodmanatheart. They have recognized that the financial burden on me is enormous and they have organized a local and global fundraiser. I have been told “Nathan have suffered greatly and lost much and you continue to have “an attitude of gratitude” and you continue to share love, strength, courage, and faith with everyone and now it is OUR time to help you.”

Our goal is $160,000. This is a global effort. We need an average of $25X6400 to reach our goal. The higher the donations, the less donators will be needed to reach our goal. The funds donated will be used to provide security for my family by positioning us to clear our mortgage, provide funds for Lyme Disease treatments, provide a nest egg for a start of a retirement/emergency fund, and offset increasing living costs.

Goodmanatheart at its foundation is about love, strength, courage, and hope.. Goodmanatheart is a movement. For this reason we have decided that once our goal of $160,000 is reached that ALL other funds raised, whether it be hundreds, thousands, or millions will be re-donated out to the Masses, to others in need within our communities.

There are (3) options to make financial donations:

1.) By attending the “Get Ticked Of At Lyme Disease” local fundraiser, located at Amore 18 West Mill Street, Plymouth, WI 53073 (920-892-2161). This fundraiser will be held on January 18th 2014, from 11a.m. through 5p.m. (After this event date financial donations can be made by the next (2) options:

2.) By making a financial donation by check or in person. Checks should be written out to the “Nathan Braatz Benefit Fund” and mailed to Bank First National P.O. Box 488 Sheboygan, WI 53082

3.) By making a financial donation on On the homepage type in “Goodmanatheart.”

Below is an action plan that once shared and replicated will produce great fruit, which will lead to us reaching our goal and beyond. Please print off and keep with you at all times. As you come up with additional ideas, please share them:

1.) Make a financial donation.

2.) Make a list of your friends and family members. In that list mark a star next to the names of those who are leaders and will share this action plan with other leaders. Contact those leaders in person and in writing. Work with others and help them utilize their leadership skills and apply their talents efficiently. 

3.) Share the (3) financial donation options above with your friends, family members, coworkers, church members, businesses, and neighbors.

4.) Share the Global fundraiser link through emails and all social media sites.

5.) Go to and search Goodmanatheart. Print off this poster and write-up (once posters are printed also create tear off donation information tabs. This will make it easy for those interested to access the information needed to make a financial donation.

6.) Talk to and meet with your church leaders and other social groups and ask them for permission to share information with members publically.

7.) Share this action plan and Goodmanatheart… with everyone in your email list. Mail out information to family and friends too.

8.) As a show of support and to get information out to the Masses ask everyone to subscribe to Goodmanatheart on Youtube…

9.) Share through social media sources and ask others to do so. Social media has the potential to reach millions of people. Because social media knows no boundaries it is Global. This is truly reaching out to the Masses. Our goal is to go viral!

10.) Contact local media by phone, in writing, and in person, newspapers, radio stations, and tv etc. I am willing to interview with all sources.

11.) Share Nathan’s contact information on He is willing to speak to or meet with anyone who is willing to share their full name, address, contact info, and best time to call. It is important that this information is provided.

12.) Invite everyone you know to attend the local “Get Ticked Off At Lyme Disease” fundraiser at Antonio’s in Plymouth, WI on Saturday, January 18th from 11AM till 5PM. Address 18 W. Mill Street, Plymouth, WI 53073, phone 920-893-5105.

If you have any questions please text or call Shelly Knowlton Jones at 920-980-4360, Stacey Tennessen at 920-838-1478 or Mary Ann Jordan at 920-627-8911.

I plan on attending the “Get Ticked Off At Lyme Disease” fundraiser with my children. I look forward to seeing all of you and thanking you personally for all of your hard work and efforts. Together we will accomplish our goals and beyond.

On behalf of my family, thank you!


Nathan Braatz AKA (Goodmanatheart)

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