From Sickness To Success by Cadence McManimon-Myers

From Sickness To Success 

How many of you found inspiration somewhere unexpected during a battle with Lyme disease? I know I did. I want to encourage each and every one of you to delve into your resources and not let Lyme defeat you. That’s why I decided to publish my books. The best news is, anyone who is interested in reading them can download the free ebook version here on April 28th and 29th! I know money can be hard to come by when you have Lyme disease–keep reading to hear more about my journey.

Author and Lyme patient, Cadence McManimon-Myers

My name is Cadence McManimon-Myers, and I’ve been a Lyme sufferer for five years. I was diagnosed at age seventeen, and soon developed Chronic Lyme. All through college I worked against the disease, which stole my energy, my ability to walk, and almost all my motivation to just get out of bed. When I graduated three years after diagnosis, my health steadily worsened, and I lost my second internship as well as my first job. Soon, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t talk, and I could barely breathe. But God was there, and He is the healer of all wounds. Innumerable prayers and my Lyme-literate doctor brought me out of that state. Today, I’m a Lyme success story: I’m planning a wedding with my wonderful fiance Christopher, I’m teaching kids with special needs, and now I’m an author! Though I still deal with Lyme symptoms, I’m eternally grateful for my second chance at life.

During the months when I couldn’t walk, I wrote. A lot. Focusing on developing stories about love, truth, and family kept my mind off the pain and on the good things in life. Through this creative outlet, I found strength and meaning, even though I couldn’t walk or hold down a job. After I had written several books, I began thinking seriously about how I could use this to support myself and encourage other Lyme sufferers. So I put the finishing touches on two of my books and began the publishing journey! Though I was offered publishing contracts with different presses, I chose to self-publish. (If you want to hear more about that, let me know by contacting me on my website!)

The novels I currently have out are “Name Unspoken” and “The Lily Girl”. “Name Unspoken” is for young to new adult readers. This historical book involves a nameless girl, a shepherd’s calling, a lost wolf, a child’s grave, a missing bride, a healer’s madness, a mansion fire, and a monk’s tale… just to start! The endearing characters, valiant adventure, and lyrical prose all focus on the true meaning of love, family, and justice. “The Lily Girl” is a middle-grade novel which follows Kyra on a mystical adventure across her homeland of Quaterna. She and her friends, the other Sought, hold strange powers, powers they didn’t even know they possessed. But they are not safe, no matter where they hide, because a sorcerer is out to ensnare their talents for himself. This magical book focuses on bravery and protecting others with the gifts you are given.

Both original novels are available on Amazon in hard copy and ebook format! Visit my website here for more information or to contact me. I’d love to hear from you! Remember, all you fellow Lyme sufferers: God heals all wounds, and He will give you the opportunity to achieve your goals and dreams, even if it’s not in the way you expect. Take heart and soldier on!

God Bless,

Cadence McManimon-Myers

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