Fundraiser for Robin Virginia

Message from Bonnie:

Fundraiser for Robin Virginia


I am helping Robin Virginia sell LYME Awareness bracelets in order to raise money for her various healthcare needs.

The silicone ones are a minimum suggested donation of $10 each and the elastic ones are a minimum suggested donation of $15 each. The silicone 10639628_865209780178560_1666069105421176373_nbracelets say, “Love Faith Hope.” Please see pictures below.

If you have found the information Robin Virginia posts daily about LYME disease and related issues helpful to you, she would sincerely appreciate it if you would consider donating now.

Free shipping included.

If you are interested in making a donation and receiving a bracelet or bracelets, please contact Bonnie Midnica by PM for further directions about where to mail your check or money order.

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