Fundraiser for Woman who got Lyme Disease through a Blood Transfusion

3508819_1425162721.8143I am keeping my PICC line for another month. My Lyme Doctor said I am not in remission yet so it is needed to stay and continue with my treatments.
I have gained about 10 lbs back since being infected with tainted blood during a major surgery last year (though a blood transfusion). My blood counts are the best they have been in almost a year, however I still have some swollen joints and feet.

Lyme Disease is the hardest Disease to diagnose and the hardest to treat. There is so much controversy between the CDC and the medical field/pharm companies. So if you are able to donate to help me get into remission I am asking you to do so, if not please pass the info on your timeline, make everyone aware of What the medical field is not telling you.

If you can’t or don’t want to donate to my fund, please I ask you to donate to Lyme Disease Awareness so our first Lyme Disease fight is May 1st. Please help us Lymees to bring the word out. Please help our cause; we need everyone on this to save lives.

God bless you all.

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