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Here are a couple options that may help you if you decide you should need to put together a fundraiser for yourself or someone else, or even a group.  If you have any other ideas or something that worked for you, please post them in the comments below. 

Once you have a fundraiser put together send it to us and we will post it on We can post one at a time on this forum also, so if you are planning on doing one let us know, so we can get you on the list. 


Fridge Frame Magnet Fundraiser

101 Ways to Fundraise

Make a Squidoo Page and put your donation button on it

Give an Awareness Item for a donation

Sell Wristbands

Joe Corbi’s Fundraising~ Sell pizza kits, cookie dough, or other foods

See’s Candies

AppleBee’s FlapJack Fundraiser

Little Ceasar’s Pizza Kits

Coasters For A Cause

Pampered Chef

Yankee Candles

Raffle Ideas: Fundraising Raffle Prize Ideas Under $50

101 Silent Auction Basket Ideas

2 thoughts on “Fundraiser Help”

  1. I am 66 F long-time “lymee” in MN. Disabled, live in HUD housing and running short of $$ to pay for the recommended supplements and Gf foods, etc . (I have a doc who’s lyme-friendly, but get lots of ideas for TX and abx from others in our online board, plus monthly meetings -when I can go – it’s about the herxing!). The only expendable asset is my old van(and I mean old!- ’96) but I hate to give it up.

    So I feel stuck. Would need a team to organize a fundraiser. so I can ask friends at church. and hope others w/ serious illnesses don’t feel left out. or Maybe (oops I’m losing it) IDEAS??
    (thanks!) Kathleen

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