Fundraiser Submission Form

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Fundraiser Submission Form PayPal Instructions.

How do I get PayPal Codes?
Using PayPal requires a Premier or Business PayPal account. (Free to setup)

Donate Button Code

    1. Click on Merchant Services.


    1. Under Create Buttons, click on Donate.


    1. Fill in your Organization name and optionally fill in a Donation ID. Both these values will be displayed to the user during the PayPal checkout process.


    1. Optionally, you may customize the text or appearance of the button.


    1. For contribution amount, select Donors enter their own contribution amount.


    1. For Merchant account IDs, select Use my secure merchant account ID


    1. Click on Create Button


    1. Copy all of the HTML code from the Website tab and paste it in the Donate Button Code field.


Payment Data Transfer Token

    1. Click My Account tab


    1. Click on Profile


    1. Click Website Payment Preferences in the Seller Preferences column.


    1. Make sure that Auto Return for Website Payments is turned on.


    1. For Return URL, specify your site’s URL. The plugin will override this value to return to the campaign once a donation is processed.


  1. Under the Payment Data Transfer (optional) section, make sure that Payment Data Transfer is On. If it is already on, copy the Identity Token value and paste it into the Payment Data Transfer Token field. If it is not on, turn it on, click on Save at the bottom of the page and then click Website Payment Preferences in the Seller Preferences column to display the screen again with the Identity Token value.