Funds needed for WWP



This is our chance to show the world is uniting in this cause!

Each state will demonstrate in different ways. Some are having rallies, some protests and some will having info booths, and some will be practicing the ” Green Ribbons Across America” and “Change Your Porch Light To Green” campaigns.

To do this we are need of some funding. Home Depot has offered to supply several states with green light bulbs, however we need a non profit tax # for that. So for now, we are a grass roots movement and don’t have the benefits of tax id # and letterhead to write companies and ask them for donations. We are relying on our state leaders to represent and fight for our rights as Lyme patients, so in turn let’s help them.

Please spread this Indie Go Go Fundraiser for the WWP around to our family, friends or any businesses that may help!


2 thoughts on “Funds needed for WWP”

  1. Is there a problem with the Lyme group being a 501(B) charity? Not sure that is the correct number, but I would be happy to get a tax ID# and a letterhead to get started for donations. My email is and I will
    get started on this as soon as I possibly can if that is what is needed. Thanks-Nancy

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