Gary Glaser


Gary Glaser

September 17, ? – May 12, 2016


From Lisa Hilton,13221055_10154127611107770_3254378044116927000_n

I woke up today to see this message from my friend Jeff Rainey,

“It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Gary Glaser. Gary passed yesterday morning. From all indications, it is believed that Gary died peacefully in his sleep from natural causes associated with his long term battle with chronic Lyme. For those of us whose lives he touched, he will always be remembered for loving heart and gentle spirit. Finally free from pain, may you rest in peace and be of blessed memory. Funeral details below.

My heart broke. Gary has a been a long time member of the Lyme community. Through the years he has been a tremendous support to many, including  myself. I have watched him become a true friend to many, supporting them, one even calling him, “her Uncle.” Gary was so generous, he would donate items to all the Holiday Wishlists we do every Christmas for Lyme patients and even gave me a car. A CAR.. for free. Gary was a generous soul. His obituary even read, “On May 12, 2016, Gary R. Glaser; dear son of Shirley Glaser and the late Abraham Glaser; dear brother of Karen Glaser. Also survived by many friends in the recovery and Lyme disease communities.” Gary was family to us.

12670705_1205242386153596_7093431074514243207_nGary loved working with animals and had a really awesome coy pond in his back yard. He was the daddy to two dogs, “Dubya ” (named after President Bush

and was a rescue dog from Hurricane Katrina) and “Babs,” (named after Barbara Bush.”) Gary often posted pictures and told funny stories about his dogs. They were  big comfort to him through his illness.

Many of us had the honor of meeting Gary at the different Lyme awareness events. One time he was so sick, he made it to one of the Lyme protests in Washington DC only to have to lay down on the bench the whole time. What kind of strength he had to  make it there while being so sick.

We will never forget you Gary and your absence on Facebook in the Lyme community will be greatly missed. We will keep your memory alive though as you live on through our hearts.

lyme memorial
Aimee, Amy, Lisa and Gary at Jeff and Sharon Raineys House after the Mayday Protest in 2013.

Gary’s faith meant a lot to him. He posted about being  Jewish and from the support he got from his church often.

Over the last couple years Gary seemed to be suffering a lot. Problems with his picc line, IVIG treatments and an unfortunate fire at his house all put a lot of stress on him. We watched as the Lyme community came to his side, to give back the support he gave to everyone else. A fundraiser was put together and over $7,000 was raised to help house his beloved dogs while Gary was recovering in the hospital.

Click Here to Watch Gary’s Funeral. 

If you have a special picture of Gary you would like to share please send it to email:

If you have a story, memory or comment you’d like to share, please post it below in the comments. Thank you.

Our condolences go out to all Gary’s family and friends right now.

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  1. Gary was a true darling mensch.
    We were Birthday twins, same day, month and year. This year will be a bittersweet birthday.
    He was in so much pain, it was heartbreaking. I will always think of him with love and envision the pond I loved so much.
    May his memory be a for a blessing forever.

  2. I adored Gary Glaser! I got to know him from his posts and then we began an IM friendship this past year. I had a few nice phone calls with Gary, too. I have all good to say about Gary and nothing bad. He was an exemplary human and man!

    🙏💚Rest in peace dear Gary. No more intractable pain & suffering. Gary was such a fighter. He never gave up. His earthly body just got worn out. Our heavenly bodies won’t wear out that way.
    Gary, I thank you for your friendship and for all the good you did while here on earth. You blessed us all! You will live on in our beating hearts.
    Deepest condolences to all Gary’s friends and family. We will keep a memory flame burning and Gary is guaranteed a place in our Lyme Community hall of heroes.

  3. A wonderful man is smiling down on us I didn’t know him.he is still family!!!!

  4. Although I didn’t know Gary I feel like I know him through his battle. I myself have struggled with Lyme for seven years now. It saddens me to hear his personal battle with Lyme too. May his sweet soul be at peace now. Shelly from Ohio

  5. I just watched his funeral. It was very apparent how loved and respected Gary was. I hope he was able to hear what a difference he made to the people who knew him. Rest in peace Gary.

  6. Lisa h ,
    Do you know if Gary’s dogs have found a permanent home?
    I know that I am all the way over in California.
    However, I have been wanting a dog forever.
    To keep company with, to walk me, to give love and receive all the love in my heart.
    It would be a privalige to adopt a dog or 2 of Gary’s.
    Mostly, I wanted to make sure they have a loving home.
    Thank you Lisa 💚

    1. I’ve just learned that both Dubya and Babs are being well taken care of by family members. I only learned the news today, but am heartbroken. Gary never told me he had Lyme Disease. I met him when he installed a DogWatch fence for my puppy, after having had a very bad experience with another company. Gary was so compassionate and determined to retrain her and make her comfortable in her yard, that he came with little Babs on three different Saturdays, to entice my dog into the yard, while he counseled me. The visits only stopped when he was sure my dog had gotten over her bad experience.

      I spoke with him several months ago (he always called his DogWatch customers back within 10 minutes), and he sent me what I needed right away. This morning, I called to let him know it was time for a new battery. I was very surprised when he didn’t call me back. And then tonight, his friend and employee told me what happened. I am still stunned and sad, and although I was only Gary’s “customer”, I considered him a friend, and looked forward to doing business with him for many more years.

      You don’t often meet people like Gary, they are rare. I feel all the richer for having had the privilege to know him.

      1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Gary with us, we really appreciate hearing from someone outside the Lyme community. Just goes to show what a good guy Gary was all around.

  7. Lisa, thank you for all the seemingly tireless contributions you – yourself contribute to the lyme disease community. Thank you for putting this together for our beloved Gary.
    His soft smile and huge heart will never ever be forgotten. I know that he’s watching over you and the entire world-wide lyme disease community. Kisses through tears 🍃🌼🍃

  8. So sorry to hear. Please let me know if his family needs any help with the doggies. RIP to another long suffering soul.

  9. Rest peacefully, Gary. You are no longer suffering. We never had the pleasure of meeting in person, but your presence will certainly be missed.


  10. Gary your presence will be deeply missed. Although we never met in person, our conversations were like we were life long friends. Encouraging each other in this battle we called life. You were a highly motivated advocate, despite how bad you were feeling. You were a inspiration to me and many others. You will live on in my heart, and I’m sure in many others. My deep condolences to your family. I hope they find comfort, while you rest in peace.

  11. I’m so sad to hear this. He was such a supportive person and always had something positive to say. Even though he was struggling with illness, his concern went to other patients. Rest in peace Gary. 🌸

  12. You were one of my first Lyme friends and for years made me feel part of the community. You didn’t like my liberal views, but I admired your passion, your spirituality, you encourage me to keep trying because you fought so hard. You are missed and I pray you are in paradise in complete health, rewarded for a life well lived despite such suffering! You were so very special.

  13. His family was extended to the lyme community. There are many mourning his loss. Sad he’s gone, but his struggles are over. Rest in peace.

  14. Baruch Dayan Haemet…

    Never met you Gary, but it seems like you were a wonderful individual.

    May your Neshama be in Gan Eden.


  15. I’m sad beyond words to learn that Gary Glaser has passed away. What a truly kind, compassionate soul he was. I honestly have no words right now, still in shock.

  16. So sad! I remember Gary from my advocating days and I remember what a nice guy he was. I hope his dogs will be loved and cared for in his absence. Rest in peace Gary.

  17. Gary was a good friend to me and was a shoulder I leaned on in 2009 when my daughter vanessa was dx with lyme and later in 2014 when i was dx’d with lyme. He will be missed and is no longer in pain. RIP GARY. I will never forget you.

  18. God bless you Gary! We never met however I have faith you are in our father’s arms, peaceful and loving arms. We will meet one day.

  19. Wow, I talked via IM a few times. He fought very hard but had few words of complaint. He did a very good job of helping everyone else first and himself second or third. Enjoy the painfree universe that is Heaven Gary.

    1. Adrian, I believe I have known you from my day one in the Facebook lyme community, along with Gary.
      Your words are beautifully said.
      🍃 🌼🍃 – Thank you.

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