Gary Norbut

Gary Norbut

Gary Norbut

Gary Norbut

Gary passed away March 5, 2008.

Visit Gary’s Caringbridge site here.

Gary wrote these words to me once when he was going through good days and bad days while fighting Lyme Disease and Cancer….

“Its me again but I wanted to include this, this is Gary’s words to me in an email he sent me once, hope this helps his family and friends and that he doesnt mind,

” please , i am not preaching , but , i truely believe everyone has this
inner being..a soul?? gaurdian angel?? anyway , it help’s pull you
through certain time’s and thing’s….pave’s the way..hard to put into
word’ will know when it happen’s to must believe..”

I remember he told me about seeing his guardian angel. I pray he is with her now and not resting in peace, but running through the fields, painfree and happy.

~Lisa Hilton

Here is a post from Lymenet where all his friends and family are posting tributes to Gary.
Visit Here

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  1. So so sorry from an old scool seams as though he had a very good outlook….god bless you Gary and yes i hope your running in fields with those beautiful eyes of yours looking at all the flowers and trees!

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