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GET LOUD! STAY LOUD! New Tim Grey Documentary



“GET LOUD! STAY LOUD!” is the follow up to the critically acclaimed film “UNDER THE EIGHT BALL” by director Timothy Grey, which chronicles his efforts to implement change in the way Lyme Disease is diagnosed and treated. The film is centered on these grass root efforts of the filmmaker following the death of his sister to Lyme Disease.

The film Get Loud! Stay Loud! Begins in 2010 with the formation of a group dedicated to the rescinding of the ISDA and its guidelines on Lyme Disease. These guidelines were found, by this group, to be the largest obstacle for patients in fair and reliable diagnostic criteria and treatment.

GET LOUD! STAY LOUD! Seeks to further the reformation of a disease that has claimed thousands, if not more, of unsuspecting, innocent people- needlessly.

GET LOUD! STAY LOUD! Will incorporate a concise, stylized, graphic set, animation, compelling original music, a combination of interviews and live on-site events shot in HD 24p, HD compact cams, along with cell phone and audio recordings.

The film will target an ever growing Lyme Disease patient community across the globe, as well as those who have yet to be diagnosed. It will serve as a warning to an ill prepared medical system. Moreover, that there is an impending epidemic of recombinant bacterial infections, threatening the very core of our society and a small group of individuals who will profit greatly upon each diagnosis..past, present and future.

Donate to the Film

With your help, we will debut the film, Get Loud! Stay Loud! in 1- 12 cities, targeting endemic areas first, then spreading the word of the Lyme disease corruption across the entire Country. We are planning a grassroots support campaign to backup the multi-city release. This will include regional multi-date screenings with support groups and advocates, a regional release throughout Michigan and the region as well as a promotional tour with the director and producer where they will be available to answer questions about the film.

This release will also include a Pr firm which will coordinate interviews with the filmmakers and put the conversation of Lyme into the spotlight and into the national conversation.

About Tim Grey

Many of you probably already know who Tim Grey is. A Lyme disease activist who made the
film, “Under the Eight ball” after losing his sister, Lori to Lyme disease and Chlamydial Pneumonia. Tim has been actively involved in bringing Lyme disease to the media and public attention along with political actions to get the truth out about Lyme.

He has been involved in many protests including launching the Mayday Project Protests along with being involved in the Chicago Worldwide Lyme Disease Protests.

About Lyndsay Nicole, “Get Loud, Stay Loud” Producer

But here is a little about the producer of this new film and why it was important to her to get this second documentary  made.

“I am a thirty-one year old mother from Michigan. I have struggled with Lyme for at least fifteen years

I was in High School when I first saw the symptoms: bullseye rash, knees gave out and depression set in. Doctors never considered or mentioned Lyme. Several years later I became seriously ill with strep throat multiple times over the course of eight weeks. I was given a diagnosis of autoimmune Thyroid. Five years after that incident I awoke, one morning, to find a tick on my leg. I found crazy rashes everywhere, I was dizzy, a stiff neck and aches all over my body. But still, I remained improperly diagnosed.

After multiple doctors and years in the medical system, I have been finally diagnosed in a manner which will hopefully allow me to be treated effectively. I currently use Bee venom therapy, pulse Antibiotics, use some of the Cowden protocol, CBD, and a lot of detoxing

I’m working as Producer on the follow-up to the critically acclaimed film, Under the Eight ball entitled “Get Loud! Stay Loud!” by director Timothy Grey

Through our efforts and the support of the Lyme community, it is our mission to see to it that immense change is brought about in how Lyme is diagnosed and treated.”

For more information please contact
Timothy Grey (Director) or
Lyndsay Nicole ( Producer) of Andalusian Dogs at:

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lyme documentary

If you haven’t seen “Under the Eightball, Tim’s first Lyme documentary please check out the trailer.

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